Monday, 16 December 2013

A handbag?!

Alyssa is very into arts and crafts so was bought a "Make your own handbag" kit for her birthday one year. She has just got round to doing it and the instructions had been left out. Harvey is very observant and obviously had been perusing over his breakfast.

"I would like my own handbag and then give it to you as you don't have one." 

This comment came from Chunky. Growing up in a household full of women it isn't surprising that he can have quite a feminine side to him so I'm surprised that he wouldn't want to keep a handbag to himself. His statement isn't entirely true though. I do own a handbag, several in fact, just often I don't want the hassle of lugging around a bag.

After the kind gesture from Harvey of letting me have 2 pieces of gravel he found this morning, it got me thinking of all the other things he has given to me and have ended up in my various bags and pockets.

Purse ~ very important as contains my debit cards, personalised of course with their photographs and credit cards. Also random pieces of change and a few money-off coupons. I rarely carry any kind of cash in note form as if I have it, then I'll spend it. Plenty of loyalty cards are then rammed in for good measure.

Phone ~ I love my phone and will always have it with me usually in a pocket though as it's quicker to get to if it starts ringing.

Wet Wipes ~ always handy no matter what age your children seem to get or if you spill something etc. It also was put in my bag to avoid the 'Mummy lick and wipe'. Didn't work. I still do it. What parent hasn't noticed a mark on their children's face and just licked their finger to wipe it off?

Mirror ~ goodness knows why that is in there as it's not left the pocket of my bag since the moment it was put in.

Notebook and a few pens ~ rarely used to make notes for myself and I'm not even sure all the pens work anymore. *testing* ...... nope! (Why on earth do I keep them? It's not a case of making my bag heavier for weight-lifting exercises!)  Notebook and pens are more commonly used as a distraction technique when out with the children. It's full with games of hangman and random doodling.

Keys ~ I have to have the biggest key-ring ever as I would lose it if not.

The summer time sees the addition of sunlotion, bottles of water, and a small bottle of talc. (Talc is good for putting over the children's feet when they've been on the beach as it removes the sand easily. I'm all for a quick getaway when they've finally consented to leaving the seaside in case of them changing their mind.)

Then comes the best bit............

Twig collection ~ Courtesy of Harvey, I now have a few twigs in my bag that I MUST keep. He seems to collect one every time we go anywhere. Perhaps he's a St. Bernard or Husky disguised as a boy. 

So come on, try avoiding the washing up and let me know what random things your bags contain?