Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Cards

My first blog post so I will quickly give you a bit of background about 'The Sweetpeas'.

Alyssa is 6, going on 26. She takes notice of her surroundings and needs to know answers to all of her questions. 'Petal' is her nickname.

Harvey is 3, very nearly 4 and comes out with some of the funniest things I have ever heard at times. At other times, he would test the patience of a Saint. Ok, maybe 2 Saints. In reality, EVERY Saint there has ever or could ever be. Harvey is Harvey though and i wouldn't change him ~  fondly known as 'Chunky'.

My blog will comment on some of the things that these 2 Sweetpeas come out with from time to time. No more time to talk about background as it's coming up to last posting day for 2nd class stamps don't forget.

Have you started yet?

Most people are sitting down,pen in hand and a pile of Christmas cards are starting to be written. I have some colour-in Christmas cards this year from Phoenix Trading so 'The Sweetpeas' are more than happy to get involved with this tradition.

 "we need to send Christmas cards to everyone in the entire world...including badgers."

This is what Chunky reliably informed me at 7am this morning. I didn't know whether I was still dreaming or we were actually going to start a debate about badgers and Christmas cards this early.

Not only do you have to send cards to long lost relations, friends from school and neighbours but apparently also badgers. Yes, badgers. I'm not sure what card they would like to receive. Do I send a religiously themed card or do I go with one including a picture of Santa? Would they prefer a more wildlife-orientated card or perhaps something more modern?

As if there wasn't enough to do at this time of the year, I had completely forgotten about badgers.

Anyway, off we go to finish off our cards and get them in the post.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging !

  2. Fab idea to blog about your little charmers - your anecdotes about them always make me smile :)

    Maria xx

  3. love it, everyone needs a Harvey in their life your kiddies are just soo fab and funny xx

  4. Hello fellow blogger! Love to hear about your gorgeous kids and your adventures together!

  5. Fabulous! They do make me chuckle!