Saturday, 14 December 2013


There are very few photographs of me around as I attempt to hide at every opportunity but I do love to take photographs of my children. Let me point out straight away that I am nowhere near talented in producing a good photograph but for me it is all about capturing a moment to trigger that memory. My children on the other hand are completely different.

Alyssa will gladly pose and is now learning to 'photobomb'. Goodness knows where she has picked that up from but needless to say, a small head has started to crop up in a few photographs.

These are some of my favourite photographs that I have ever taken of Alyssa when she was 2 years old. She was colouring in a crown that we had made together out of an old Jiffy bag and she just happened to turn around whilst I was taking it. Completely spur of the moment photographs. It's truly amazing how one photograph can spark a memory and bring back how you felt at that time.



I have recently discovered that Harvey has taken a liking to producing 'selfies'. I believe that is the correct terminology ~ it seems he has taken endless pictures of himself on my phone and filled up the entire memory. The joys of having an iPhone where he can switch the camera around so he can see himself. I am ashamed to admit that I actually had to ask him (yes, a 3 year old) how to operate that function.

All his photographs aren't necessarily in focus or particularly 'good' but they make me smile and remember the day when he knew more about my phone than I did. A fact still true to this day.

I really enjoyed looking through my photographs on my phone and tonight I've ensured that this batch is all backed up. I'll also then get prints done of my favourites as I like having them displayed. Photographs should stir the memory and create conversations and I think we should all take plenty more whilst avoiding the washing up.

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