Friday, 27 December 2013


That's Christmas done and dusted for another year then I guess. Roll on 2014. As Harvey commented Boxing Day evening...

"Mummy, I NEED a bath. I have to relax."

It must have got all too much for Chunky as it can sometimes be a challenge to get him in there. It could also have been due to him getting some Octonauts toys that can go in water. Certainly one of his top gifts he had this year.

My children loved the video that Santa text me this year. Father Christmas is definitely embracing modern technology. A great FREE app called "Santa visited me" helped to keep the smiles on their faces Christmas morning. The man in red is seen to be in your own house leaving presents and then dancing to 'Gangnam Style'. Hilarious and they loved it.

Santa left Harvey a painting set so immediately he had to go and get changed. Yes, apparently there is such a thing as a "painting hat". You mean you don't have one? Make sure you put it on your Christmas list for next year.

This year Alyssa's favourite present was Crayola Mosaics. Good choice their Uncle Tom & family! Alyssa even said that...

"Uncle Tom is the best boy in our family."

She started on it the moment that we got home and I now have 5 lovely pieces of art to display. I like to put their drawings up around my home ~ they are only little once so it seems a shame to hide it away. It is slowly turning into an art gallery and will never be a show home. Absolutely love it.

I don't have much money so throughout the year I will buy little bits and pieces for my children for their Christmas presents. This has worked well so far but, as they get older, they will possibly want for a particular toy or present. I will do the same in 2014 I think too but will focus on completing surveys and writing reviews just for that little extra in Amazon vouchers.

avoiding the washing up can also help with the finances then ~ that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Anyone else a member on dooyoo or ciao? If not, now is certainly the time to give it a go as you will have lots of things about to review.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

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