Thursday, 30 January 2014


It's absolutely heart-breaking when they are poorly and I would do anything to take it away from them. They have both got this really bad cough that seems to be doing the rounds and all night I could hear them apparently trying to beat each other with "who can cough the most?". Alyssa looks incredibly pale and fragile whereas Harvey is just getting on with things. Neither have gone into school today though as Alyssa will be sent home pretty much straight away and Harvey would gladly spread his germs around. He's a sharing-is-caring kind of little boy!

"Mummy, I don't feel very well. I feel like a really big

 letterbox. I feel all heavy." 

Alyssa's descriptions of how she feels are always quite unusual but I can understand what she means. She has no problems relating to how her little brother must be feeling too. She gently announced to me this morning between coughing that Harvey.....

 "....looks like a little old man who can't run."

I can see her point. A very old picture of him acting just like Grandad with his farming magazine.

Get well soon little sweetpeas.

Today I won't be avoiding the washing up. Operation 'clean my house and get rid of the nasty germs' begins again.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Visits to Grandad

We try to pop in and see my Grandad as much as we can so that is where we headed this afternoon. Alyssa likes to tell him what she has done at school and will often entice him into a game of 'Happy Families'. Always funny watching that as neither of them follow the rules and they just make it up as they go along. She will remember sitting and playing with him though just as I remember sitting and playing, using the very same pack of cards, with my Grandma. Memories like that are priceless.

Harvey has a completely different take on visiting Grandad. He has the opportunity to raid his cheesy biscuits and watch TV whilst 'having a ride' in his electronic armchair. I don't blame him. I look forward to the day when I can purchase one of my own. I'd even consider getting a stair lift now to be honest as I often feel worn out climbing them!

He also enjoys the other great toys Grandad has to offer ~ a flat cap, slippers and a walking stick. Oh yes, they are perfect for fishing. Flat cap on for a bit of camouflage, the slippers are the fish and the walking stick is the rod.

I love that my children have an imagination.

(Yesterday, Harvey was an 'alien' for the afternoon as her came home from pre-school with his hands covered in blue paint. He refused to let me wash it off until he wanted to be a boy again.)

Try avoiding the washing up and using your imagination.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


"If we saved billions, we could have our own rocket."

They both know that money doesn't grow on trees (although that was an interesting conversation when I explained that the money plant I have doesn't actually grow money.)

They understand that you have to go to work to earn money so that you can afford to buy food, pay bills and have the odd treat now and then. Obviously money isn't everything but it certainly helps. Can't pay your electricity bills with hugs and kisses now can you? 

Myself and a couple of friends have set up a facebook group to encourage us to "look after the pennies". We intend to get Christmas 2014....for FREE. Yes, FREE!

If you would like to join in the challenge, then please do. 11 months to go so ample time to get saving.

Qmee is one of the ways that we have included and I was lucky to win a little green piggy keyring. All together now......awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014


I admit it. I am no Nigella or Delia although I could possibly be likened to one of The Hairy Bikers if in the right light but certainly not in the kitchen!

A gourmet meal in my house is often whatever the magic of my slow cooker produces after I've shoved everything in, closed my eyes and prayed to the cooking Gods that I will end up with something at least half edible at the end. It usually works I'm pleased to say.

Half the time I need not worry anyway. Harvey's answer to the nightly question of "what would you like for tea?" with "soup and sausages". Yes, you read that right.

soup and sausages

Random child but apparently not alone! 

My cousin's little boy wanted gravy with his salad. That Facebook status had me chuckling away one evening and in her words, "he is pretty adamant you can't have one without the other." He would be a great asset for an ahhhhhhhhh Bisto! advert as he is obviously a huge fan.

Alyssa is obsessed with pickled onions and I physically have to ration the onions else she would eat an entire jar in one sitting. Cabbage is another favourite of hers too. I swear she is a 90-year-old lady in a 6-year-old body.

Come on then Morphy 'the slow cooker' Richards, do your best! 

Tonight we are definitely avoiding the washing up as Alyssa is unwell. (Harvey quite possibly would be too if I let him eat whatever he wanted. )

Friday, 17 January 2014


"We are not allowed to eat radishes are we? They 

are for rabbits only I think."

This was the question I had the delight of answering this morning from Harvey. He does come up with the strangest of things. Possibly any excuse to not actually eat radishes I suspect so that he's not depriving the poor bunny rabbits of their 5-a-day. He does worry about animals as does Alyssa. The adverts on the television particularly appeal to Alyssa as she wants to help all the animal charities. 

Although we have no pets of our own, they are very lucky to be surrounded by animals and they love every single one of them.  I want them to be able to understand how important it is to care for them and know that they have feelings too. I'm a strong believer that no animal is born vicious and that it is down to some humans making them that way. It has obviously worked as the connection they have with some of the animals around them is fantastic. 

Think they feel more at home with animals around them half the time. 

They have started to look a bit different now I come to mention it.

So this weekend we shall no doubt avoid the washing up and spend some time with the animals.

 .......  oh, and this is me when I was little on Polly-Anna. I really did have a lovely childhood.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Anyone that knows Chunky will know he's like a whirlwind. Well, if you've read any of my other posts you can probably gather that anyway. He's on the go from the moment he gets up until the second he eventually falls asleep.

I won a break through work last year and opted to go to Bristol. A wonderful hotel but he craved being outside and not enclosed in a small room. 

Alyssa, on the other hand, absolutely could get used to the first class attention she received. She could be a 'lady who lunches'. 

This year we are heading to 'Sunny Hunny' as they can spend literally all day outside, on the beach or investigating local areas. Right up their street. And mine. The beach is one of my favourite places.

I've been to Centre Parcs just once before with some friends . It was absolutely brilliant and I loved every second of it. It was wonderful just being able to do what we wanted, when we wanted. An ideal location to take my children too as well as there was so much for them to do. I would particularly love to take them down the rapids at Elveden Forest as that was certainly a highlight for me.

My ideal day there would be to wake up early. Yes, early! After years of asking them to not wake me up too early in the mornings. We would eat breakfast as a family and then be out the door with swimming costumes at the ready. We'd have a quick walk around the forest and then head for 'Subtropical Swimming Paradise.' They'd have such fun there that I imagine it would be hard to drag them out to get something to eat.
Lunch would possibly be the biggest decision to make as there are so many places to eat but Huck*s sounds good to me ~ an American diner.

After a big meal, we will possibly head back to where we are staying or go on a nature trail. Nothing too adventurous for me anyway. Maybe I'd let them look at the activity list where they could choose archery, pottery painting or even a cupcake class. (Can I join in with the cake one please?)

The day would end with them both drifting off into a peaceful sleep ready for the next action-packed, fun-filled day.

The video that inspires me the most is "An adventure with little ones". They will love being outside and I will enjoy the relaxing environment. Might even let Mum come along too so she can have a break from it all. She'll be in the spa if anyone wants her I'm sure.

avoid the washing up and plan your adventure at Centre Parcs

Harvey is already thinking.

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elveden Forest’.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Is it bedtime yet?

Picked Harvey up from pre-school and he proceeded to tell me his day. Usually I just get "I did nothing" which I know is complete nonsense so this was an amazing day.

"Mummy, one day there was this bear and he jumped out 

the page.But he didn't eat me. He didn't eat anyone. He 

just wanted a friend. "

Obviously he is talking about the Michael Rosen book, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Or at least I hope so. a bear wouldn't want to eat Harvey anyway ~ far too much to eat in one sitting!Collecting Alyssa then this afternoon involved Harvey's usual antics of running around, falling over and telling everyone that he " was 3, now 4". He's still quite concerned that he hasn't got visibly taller since his birthday. That's what is meant to happen on your birthday, right?

Alyssa read for the majority of the way home. It's a book all about dinosaurs poems and some of the words are incredibly hard to pronounce. I gave up when it came to the dinosaur alphabet. "Quetzacoatlus, Seismosaurus and Zigongosaurus" were all new to me.

avoiding the washing up now for a night of learning about dinosaurs and bears. Can't beat a good book.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Birthday wishes

Harvey had been asking for a bike for his birthday for weeks so it was decided in my family that we would all club together and get him a bike and accessories rather than lots of little toys. The night before his birthday he requesting something else....

"I'd like to be fat and purple for my birthday."

Unusual choice for a soon-to-be 4 year old. Needless to say, we went for the bike option. Barney the dinosaur has already got the fat and purple market sorted.

Harvey opted for a Skylanders bike and a matching cycle helmet. I apologise now to the 2 young men in Halfords as they helped us with our purchase as Harvey kept going shy and saying "don't look." Bless them, two men doing as they were told from a 4 year old. Excellent customer service though throughout and highlighted their current promotions.

As it was 3 for 2 on cycling accessories, Harvey also chose a bell and a siren. Yes, a siren!

Silly, silly, silly Mummy!

I've had those noises in my head now for over 24 hours.

I chose to build the bike up myself as then in the future I may have an idea of how it works if/when Harvey damages it.

His first go on his new bike so we shall be avoiding the washing up for some time to come whilst he gets to grips with learning to balance and pedal.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is Harvey's birthday and he will be 4. It's amazing that from such a fragile start he has grown into such a 'chunky' boy.

Have a lovely birthday tomorrow Harvey. I have created your "Octonauts Deep Sea Octolab" cake that you specified only earlier this week. (Thank you eBay and printed edible paper!) Harvey has requested a bike for his birthday so he is off to get that tomorrow too. It's going to be a busy yet brilliant day and I shall definitely be avoiding the washing up. Birthdays are all about paper plates anyway.

Monday, 6 January 2014


January has plenty of birthdays in it for my family and yesterday was my brother's 31st. Being the organised person that I am, I had his present and wrapping paper. Now all I needed was some sticky tape.

Where was the tape?

Does anyone know where the tape is? 

I need to buy more tape.

Alyssa decided the only option would be tin foil. Fantastic. Made 3 presents then as he could use the tin foil to wrap his sandwiches the following day. Genius.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Alyssa's entry

Today I am passing my blog over to Alyssa. Who knows what she may write but enjoy! She is 6 and I won't edit anything.....

Best Christmas present ever.
My bestest  present was having  Pickles home.
I wrote about it. I wrote by myself. I put Pickles came home on Christmas day just what I wished but I didn't know because I was at my house. She sleeps in the pink room at Grandma's. She came home fat her tummy was on the floor.

Pickles had left months previously but had obviously been feeding very well somewhere. I'm very glad that she is now back home and we can get her back to a healthy weight and enjoy her company again. Her daughter, Diddley is here too so it's lovely for her to be back with her family.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello Year 2014, it's lovely to meet you.

Many people will have made resolutions to do more exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, spend less....the list goes on. This year my resolution is to play more. My children will only be young once and I don't want them growing up thinking that Mummy was always 'too busy' to play. I often have my computer going, television on and my phone beeping away aswell as also trying to do housework so these things need to find their place on my list of priorities. Get in line vacuuming!

Well it's not everyday you see a naked rabbit driving an ice-cream van and then having road rage with a Morris Minor.

I dressed the rabbit before taking a photograph - not sure about displaying naked rabbits on my blog! "How wude" (instead of rude) Alyssa would have said when she was younger!

Today, with the help of Grandma, we have played with Alyssa's 'new-to-her' Sylvanian Families. I absolutely loved them when I was younger and i'm really glad that she has shown an interest in them too. I purchased a joblot from eBay at a bargain price so that she has some of her own. They needed a bit of a clean up and the characters needed dressing again but that's all part of the fun. Even Harvey enjoyed doing his ice-cream round and even understood that lots of the items are tiny and delicate so need to be looked after. This is some achievement in itself with Harvey ~ he's not the most 'delicate' of boys!

I'm not sure at the age of 29 that I'm ready to share my own Sylvanian Families sets yet...not quite anyway. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2015.

avoid the washing up and make time to actually 'just play'.