Thursday, 2 January 2014

Alyssa's entry

Today I am passing my blog over to Alyssa. Who knows what she may write but enjoy! She is 6 and I won't edit anything.....

Best Christmas present ever.
My bestest  present was having  Pickles home.
I wrote about it. I wrote by myself. I put Pickles came home on Christmas day just what I wished but I didn't know because I was at my house. She sleeps in the pink room at Grandma's. She came home fat her tummy was on the floor.

Pickles had left months previously but had obviously been feeding very well somewhere. I'm very glad that she is now back home and we can get her back to a healthy weight and enjoy her company again. Her daughter, Diddley is here too so it's lovely for her to be back with her family.

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