Friday, 17 January 2014


"We are not allowed to eat radishes are we? They 

are for rabbits only I think."

This was the question I had the delight of answering this morning from Harvey. He does come up with the strangest of things. Possibly any excuse to not actually eat radishes I suspect so that he's not depriving the poor bunny rabbits of their 5-a-day. He does worry about animals as does Alyssa. The adverts on the television particularly appeal to Alyssa as she wants to help all the animal charities. 

Although we have no pets of our own, they are very lucky to be surrounded by animals and they love every single one of them.  I want them to be able to understand how important it is to care for them and know that they have feelings too. I'm a strong believer that no animal is born vicious and that it is down to some humans making them that way. It has obviously worked as the connection they have with some of the animals around them is fantastic. 

Think they feel more at home with animals around them half the time. 

They have started to look a bit different now I come to mention it.

So this weekend we shall no doubt avoid the washing up and spend some time with the animals.

 .......  oh, and this is me when I was little on Polly-Anna. I really did have a lovely childhood.

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