Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello Year 2014, it's lovely to meet you.

Many people will have made resolutions to do more exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, spend less....the list goes on. This year my resolution is to play more. My children will only be young once and I don't want them growing up thinking that Mummy was always 'too busy' to play. I often have my computer going, television on and my phone beeping away aswell as also trying to do housework so these things need to find their place on my list of priorities. Get in line vacuuming!

Well it's not everyday you see a naked rabbit driving an ice-cream van and then having road rage with a Morris Minor.

I dressed the rabbit before taking a photograph - not sure about displaying naked rabbits on my blog! "How wude" (instead of rude) Alyssa would have said when she was younger!

Today, with the help of Grandma, we have played with Alyssa's 'new-to-her' Sylvanian Families. I absolutely loved them when I was younger and i'm really glad that she has shown an interest in them too. I purchased a joblot from eBay at a bargain price so that she has some of her own. They needed a bit of a clean up and the characters needed dressing again but that's all part of the fun. Even Harvey enjoyed doing his ice-cream round and even understood that lots of the items are tiny and delicate so need to be looked after. This is some achievement in itself with Harvey ~ he's not the most 'delicate' of boys!

I'm not sure at the age of 29 that I'm ready to share my own Sylvanian Families sets yet...not quite anyway. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2015.

avoid the washing up and make time to actually 'just play'.

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