Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday Funday

Harvey doesn't go to pre-school on a Friday so it's a day when we can have a bit of fun together. Today was no exception as we made a den. A free activity and all you need are a few duvet covers, pegs, an airer and a few sofa cushions.

Building started well......

... after a few minutes, the foundations were down and things were going well....until I got told off for not listening. Naughty Mummy!

"Mummy, I need another sheep?"

Why on earth do you need a sheep? We haven't got one to start off with let alone another.

"NO! Sheet. T, T , T not P, P, P"

It seems appropriate to mention that a few of my colleagues are tonight sleeping rough to raise funds for YMCA Bedfordshire. All the very best with it!

I could have lent them Chunky to help build their shelter for the night but I'm sure their efforts will last longer. Unfortunately, our den didn't see the evening out.

If you would like to donate, then here's the link.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Treat day

It was decided that it was going to be a treat day for Harvey as Alyssa was getting to go round a friend' house for tea. He wanted to go to visit the bank and then go to a cafe.  Free 'Barclays' pens and food, that's the highlight of my little boy's life at the moment it seems.

Harvey queued in the bank so close to the man in front that anyone would think they were stuck together.

"You have to queue up Mummy. And wait. I'm still waiting."

We then ventured off to the cafe where he ordered his food and a hot chocolate or a "warm hot chocolate" as he calls it.

Squirty cream and marshmallows were offered and of course, this is the only way to have a proper hot chocolate.

We then ventured back home for some playtime and a bit of snuggling on the sofa whilst watching telly.

"Everyone needs a hero Mummy."

Awwwwwwww, how sweet is that?! Completely adorable! ...... until I realised it is actually from the advert he'd seen. Not really sure that 4 year old boys are their target market but it obviously sticks in their minds.

I don't need a man in uniform anyway one could look as good as my little Chunky in an Octonauts outfit.

avoiding the washing up and having a treat day

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


On a visit to Great Grandad's, the family photo albums came out which can always pass a good few hours. We have families of our own now and it was really interesting to see the likeness in the photographs.

This is a picture of me and my Grandad when I was little. It could be Alyssa sitting there!

...photograph of my mum on the right and my auntie in the middle ~ could be Harvey sat there.

"Great Grandma is in the gravy yard."

Alyssa was made aware ever since she was little that her Great Grandma had died and that her ashes are in the village grave yard or "gravy yard" as Alyssa always calls it. I try to encourage her to ask questions about Great Grandma and learn things about her life too. She was an excellent cook for example, (a skill I do not share but my aunt and cousin certainly do) and a fond knitter. (I did get that skill ~ well, some of it. If you need a scarf, I'm your person.) She collected newspaper clippings about the family and our village which is something my mum has continued to do. It's interesting to see what we got up to and also some of the things that made the news over the years.

Uncle Tom ~ always will be 'stong man' to them!

Their Great Grandma, Rose.

I want them to know that death is a part of life and that it is very sad when people we love die. They need to make the most of their friends and family as life is too short. 

"Who is that?!"

Looking through albums always brings back lots of memories as well as plenty of stories too. You can't beat a few embarrassing photographs either which have been used quite often for milestone birthdays and celebrations.

When I turn 30 at the end of the year, I'm sure this photograph of me will take pride of place somewhere so I'm getting in there first. 

avoiding the washing up and reminiscing

Monday, 17 February 2014

Water divining

It was quite sunny yesterday so I thought we would venture out for a little walk. Harvey, as you know, has a hobby of collecting twigs for his collection. I know, poor little boy! Does he have no real toys?!

He found a twig shaped like a 'Y' and started water divining. Where he has seen that I don't know but off he went!

It kept him busy and allowed us a lovely walk out without the usual repetition of me saying "wait Harvey, wait."

"There's water down there.....and my bell!" ~ Alyssa

This was a drain in the village where Alyssa fell off her bike and her bell fell off straight down the grate.

I'm not sure if his twig worked or he just read it, but water was found.

avoiding the washing up and water divining

Saturday, 15 February 2014


This country has some strange politics going on and I can't help but think that children could quite possibly do a better job of it. With the recent flooding, aid should have been sent to those in need here rather than continuing to send aid abroad. It shouldn't have been discussed, just done. Why is time being wasted when people living in this country are in danger and are suffering? I'm all for trying to help everybody but sometimes we should focus closer to home.

Surely a quick list of who should be where and then it's time to crack on and get the job done! I think lots of the general public would have more respect for MPs if they were all contributing either money and/or time to helping.

"Why are those people in orange suits?"

They are in jail Alyssa.

"Well why are they playing tennis then? Shouldn't they

 be thinking about what they have done?"

I often think that my children have such innocence and a new way of looking at the world. I've mentioned before in my blog about them being upset by some of the adverts they see on the television. They can't understand why some people don't have food, water or shelter. Also, why people do bad things to other people and animals. Alyssa would make a great judge or MP even at the age of 6 I feel.

Remember,if you ever see a blonde-haired woman by the name of Alyssa running for PM one day ~ it's possibly MY Alyssa so get ticking that box. Hopefully, you won't be seeing her in a courtroom. If you do and you've been naughty, then be prepared for the telling off of your life and decades of sitting on "the naughty step" to think about what you have done. You've been warned.

avoiding the washing up and talking about politics.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Only one more 'wake up' and then half term begins. I can hear parents up and down the country either rejoicing at the thought of no more school runs for a week or the sound of them being filled to the eyeballs with absolute terror about how they are going to entertain them.  I will possibly be doing both of these things at some point.

"It's morning Mummy. This magical unicorn made 

me go to sleep faster." 

*promptly places unicorn toy on my head*. 

This is the magical unicorn. She actually belongs to Alyssa and was sent from a lovely bunch of friends when Harvey was born. 

I think Alyssa was more impressed with the toy than she was having a little brother. I don't blame her some days! The unicorn is all pink and fluffy whereas Harvey usually has many shades of 'mud' on him. 

I'm sure Harvey will still wake me up way too early even in the holidays . Did they install an alarm clock in him when he was born? I'm beginning to wonder.

He has no concept of lay-ins at the moment but then I suppose that will all change when he's a teenager.

Bespoke Harvey alarm clocks seem to be reasonably priced too.

avoiding the washing up and playing unicorns.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


"I'm not cold....well, just my teeth." ~ Harvey

It's getting colder now but I still like to try and get them walking at least one 'school run' trip if I can. I find that just that bit extra exercise makes for a better evening.

Both of them like to play games that use their imagination so, on the way this afternoon, we played "clouds". I'm sure you've played it millions of times before. You point out a cloud and decide what it looked like. Today we saw an apple, a pear and a rhino. It's quite fun just taking the time to stand still and look at your surroundings. (Covered in mud is optional.)

Harvey also decided to draw a picture of me today too. This is very similar to the clouds game as I have to use my imagination to try and work out which bit is which. Uncanny.

It's bedtime for them now so Alyssa goes off and reads whereas it is always a mission with Harvey.

Where are your PJs?

"Under my mattress keeping safe. No-one would look 

under there. Clever aren't I Mummy? 

avoiding the washing up and enjoying the 'cloud' game.

Monday, 10 February 2014


They've had a really fun-filled weekend including going to a birthday party and swimming. They are used to me taking lots of photographs using my phone and also a digital camera but they were completely confused when I pulled out a waterproof disposable camera when at the pool.

What is that?
How does it work?
Why can't I see the picture?

I love how technology changes all the time and now it is much easier to get a quality photograph. I must admit though that I did enjoy taking my films to be developed and then ending up with some photos where heads were 'missing', things out of focus and lots of fingers over the edges of the picture.

I'm still a big fan of getting my digital photos printed and put into photo albums. How often do you look through your photos online? My children often look through my albums at home and like to change the photos in the frames.

Harvey has also got a new love in his life. Straws. Yes, the simple drinking straw. He loved being at the party and being allowed to have "just one more". When he got to 10 straws, think his cup had more plastic in it than actual juice.

"That one's my juice. If it was Harvey's, he would have eaten the cup." ~ Alyssa

avoiding the washing up just because straws are a nightmare to clean!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


My name's Emily and I'm a Facebook-aholic. I love that I'm able to quickly record what they say or do and share with my friends and family. Today, I decided to scroll back through my timeline and see some of the classic quotes they have said. Enjoy.

"Mum, can we make our own biscuits?" 

Yes of course...... 

"with blue arses?"

.... it's pronounced I-C-I-N-G Harvey but yes, it can be blue

Alyssa's reading book question was " what is your precious thing and where do you keep it?"Her reply ~ "My Mummy and I keep her in my heart." Suck up!
Alyssa teaching Harvey to spell. Pity we only have one of each letter...      (June 2013)

Alyssa : "Do I have to school on Saturday now then?"
No Alyssa, you were poorly, you don't have to make the day up and go in at the weekend.

"I wish I didn't have a little brother mummy. It's not that I don't like him, it's just his behaviour."

"Mummy, I've had an exhausting day!" Haven't we all Alyssa.

2 May 2012 

Looking for invisible baby kittens

Alyssa : "so Mummy what have you done at work today?"
Me : " counting"
Alyssa : "backwards or forwards?"

"My foot has gone all fizzy" No Alyssa, that's pins and needles.

"Mummy, I've been making Christmas decorations at school with Hitler."
"WHAT?! WHO?!"
"No, Mummy! G....G.....G.....Glitter!"

"Mummy, I need your Barclaycard. I want to go shopping." ~ Alyssa

Alyssa wants a new Daddy ~ one with green eyes and blue hair! Her taste in men is obviously bad too.

I have just won a competition to win a brestfeeding bra. My brother suggested getting a 46F, chopping inhalf and wearing as a sunhat ~ He said I'd feel a right tit. (Goes to show madness runs in my family!)

Try avoiding the washing up and having a giggle over your old timeline.

Monday, 3 February 2014


We attempt to get ready for the following morning by having their clothes that they would like to wear already laid out. Alyssa has this down to perfection and I never have to worry with her. Even at weekends, she appears from her room as if she is on a catwalk with some kind of random creation yet it always seems to work. She is going to be one of these women when she grows up that would certainly look good in a bin bag. Or an actual bin.

Red hat, purple spotty top, jeans and stripey wellies. Perfect! (Timmy rocks the brown fluffy look all the time. Awwwwww.)

"Ooh bendy socks! " 

No Harvey, they are tights.

Harvey would gladly go out wearing 3 socks, 4 pairs of pants, swimming shorts and a princess dressing up outfit if I let him. Or he'd just go in his pyjamas. He's very much of a go-with-the-flow kind of lad. It's often a struggle getting him to put his school shoes on as wellies are so much more fun apparently.

If you've ever seen 'Notting Hill' where Spike appears in the kitchen wearing a diving outfit, that will be Harvey in 20 years. Guarantee it.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Awwwwwww. Just look at that face. Harvey's 'favourite' twig from his collection got broken. He does have real toys but he does like to play with his collection every now and again. It was being a fishing rod again. It must have been a big fish he caught!

Panic not!

Bit of sticky tape and it's mended ready to fish another day.

avoiding the washing up and fixing imaginary fishing rods.