Tuesday, 4 February 2014


My name's Emily and I'm a Facebook-aholic. I love that I'm able to quickly record what they say or do and share with my friends and family. Today, I decided to scroll back through my timeline and see some of the classic quotes they have said. Enjoy.

"Mum, can we make our own biscuits?" 

Yes of course...... 

"with blue arses?"

.... it's pronounced I-C-I-N-G Harvey but yes, it can be blue

Alyssa's reading book question was " what is your precious thing and where do you keep it?"Her reply ~ "My Mummy and I keep her in my heart." Suck up!
Alyssa teaching Harvey to spell. Pity we only have one of each letter...      (June 2013)

Alyssa : "Do I have to school on Saturday now then?"
No Alyssa, you were poorly, you don't have to make the day up and go in at the weekend.

"I wish I didn't have a little brother mummy. It's not that I don't like him, it's just his behaviour."

"Mummy, I've had an exhausting day!" Haven't we all Alyssa.

2 May 2012 

Looking for invisible baby kittens

Alyssa : "so Mummy what have you done at work today?"
Me : " counting"
Alyssa : "backwards or forwards?"

"My foot has gone all fizzy" No Alyssa, that's pins and needles.

"Mummy, I've been making Christmas decorations at school with Hitler."
"WHAT?! WHO?!"
"No, Mummy! G....G.....G.....Glitter!"

"Mummy, I need your Barclaycard. I want to go shopping." ~ Alyssa

Alyssa wants a new Daddy ~ one with green eyes and blue hair! Her taste in men is obviously bad too.

I have just won a competition to win a brestfeeding bra. My brother suggested getting a 46F, chopping inhalf and wearing as a sunhat ~ He said I'd feel a right tit. (Goes to show madness runs in my family!)

Try avoiding the washing up and having a giggle over your old timeline.

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