Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday Funday

Harvey doesn't go to pre-school on a Friday so it's a day when we can have a bit of fun together. Today was no exception as we made a den. A free activity and all you need are a few duvet covers, pegs, an airer and a few sofa cushions.

Building started well......

... after a few minutes, the foundations were down and things were going well....until I got told off for not listening. Naughty Mummy!

"Mummy, I need another sheep?"

Why on earth do you need a sheep? We haven't got one to start off with let alone another.

"NO! Sheet. T, T , T not P, P, P"

It seems appropriate to mention that a few of my colleagues are tonight sleeping rough to raise funds for YMCA Bedfordshire. All the very best with it!

I could have lent them Chunky to help build their shelter for the night but I'm sure their efforts will last longer. Unfortunately, our den didn't see the evening out.

If you would like to donate, then here's the link.

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