Saturday, 15 February 2014


This country has some strange politics going on and I can't help but think that children could quite possibly do a better job of it. With the recent flooding, aid should have been sent to those in need here rather than continuing to send aid abroad. It shouldn't have been discussed, just done. Why is time being wasted when people living in this country are in danger and are suffering? I'm all for trying to help everybody but sometimes we should focus closer to home.

Surely a quick list of who should be where and then it's time to crack on and get the job done! I think lots of the general public would have more respect for MPs if they were all contributing either money and/or time to helping.

"Why are those people in orange suits?"

They are in jail Alyssa.

"Well why are they playing tennis then? Shouldn't they

 be thinking about what they have done?"

I often think that my children have such innocence and a new way of looking at the world. I've mentioned before in my blog about them being upset by some of the adverts they see on the television. They can't understand why some people don't have food, water or shelter. Also, why people do bad things to other people and animals. Alyssa would make a great judge or MP even at the age of 6 I feel.

Remember,if you ever see a blonde-haired woman by the name of Alyssa running for PM one day ~ it's possibly MY Alyssa so get ticking that box. Hopefully, you won't be seeing her in a courtroom. If you do and you've been naughty, then be prepared for the telling off of your life and decades of sitting on "the naughty step" to think about what you have done. You've been warned.

avoiding the washing up and talking about politics.

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