Tuesday, 18 February 2014


On a visit to Great Grandad's, the family photo albums came out which can always pass a good few hours. We have families of our own now and it was really interesting to see the likeness in the photographs.

This is a picture of me and my Grandad when I was little. It could be Alyssa sitting there!

...photograph of my mum on the right and my auntie in the middle ~ could be Harvey sat there.

"Great Grandma is in the gravy yard."

Alyssa was made aware ever since she was little that her Great Grandma had died and that her ashes are in the village grave yard or "gravy yard" as Alyssa always calls it. I try to encourage her to ask questions about Great Grandma and learn things about her life too. She was an excellent cook for example, (a skill I do not share but my aunt and cousin certainly do) and a fond knitter. (I did get that skill ~ well, some of it. If you need a scarf, I'm your person.) She collected newspaper clippings about the family and our village which is something my mum has continued to do. It's interesting to see what we got up to and also some of the things that made the news over the years.

Uncle Tom ~ always will be 'stong man' to them!

Their Great Grandma, Rose.

I want them to know that death is a part of life and that it is very sad when people we love die. They need to make the most of their friends and family as life is too short. 

"Who is that?!"

Looking through albums always brings back lots of memories as well as plenty of stories too. You can't beat a few embarrassing photographs either which have been used quite often for milestone birthdays and celebrations.

When I turn 30 at the end of the year, I'm sure this photograph of me will take pride of place somewhere so I'm getting in there first. 

avoiding the washing up and reminiscing


  1. some lovely photographs. It's important to keep loved ones alive in memories, My little girls knows who her Great-auntie Carol is even thought she dies before I was born. We all knew her so why shouldn't she. #GoldenOldies
    popping over from http://havingababyandlivingathome.co.uk

  2. Aww I love looking back at old photos. It's so funny because my dad is a twin and so is my mum in photos I struggle to pick out which one is my dad and which is my uncle and the same with my mum and my aunt. thanks for linking up via www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk #GoldenOldies

    1. WOW! How rare for that to happen with both sets of parents being twins.