Monday, 10 February 2014


They've had a really fun-filled weekend including going to a birthday party and swimming. They are used to me taking lots of photographs using my phone and also a digital camera but they were completely confused when I pulled out a waterproof disposable camera when at the pool.

What is that?
How does it work?
Why can't I see the picture?

I love how technology changes all the time and now it is much easier to get a quality photograph. I must admit though that I did enjoy taking my films to be developed and then ending up with some photos where heads were 'missing', things out of focus and lots of fingers over the edges of the picture.

I'm still a big fan of getting my digital photos printed and put into photo albums. How often do you look through your photos online? My children often look through my albums at home and like to change the photos in the frames.

Harvey has also got a new love in his life. Straws. Yes, the simple drinking straw. He loved being at the party and being allowed to have "just one more". When he got to 10 straws, think his cup had more plastic in it than actual juice.

"That one's my juice. If it was Harvey's, he would have eaten the cup." ~ Alyssa

avoiding the washing up just because straws are a nightmare to clean!

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