Monday, 3 March 2014

Baking away

Harvey has a habit of wanting to just sit and play on the computer so I have to ration his time and encourage him with different tasks. This afternoon was baking and I lured him in by saying he could use the mixer. He is so going to grow into a gadget-obsessed man.

I had made a banana bread recently..(were you aware that if you don't mash bananas enough, they turn pink?! I can assure you that's true as I managed a vibrant pink banana bread.) We thought we'd give it another go and added in some maple syrup and some chocolate chips for good measure.

Does that look yummy Harvey?

"Nope, it looks like a big pile of gloop."

An hour later and it was time to eat it. The 'gloop' was edible and, as Harvey says.....

"absotootley lovely!"

avoiding the washing up and making edible gloop.


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