Friday, 7 March 2014

Cardboard Castle

I try to make use of the mantra of  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE so I reuse jiffy bags and bubblewrap when I post things and also cardboard boxes before they go in the recycling bin.

Some items arrived in a hue cardboard box this week. It's far too big to store anything in,can't really be used for moving home as it would never fit in a car so that only leaves one thing.....

.....Build with it!

Harvey decided he would like his very own castle. What 4 year old little boy wouldn't? (Ok, I admit it. This 29 year old is quite keen on owning a castle one day too.)

We cut down the sides of one end of the box to make a drawbridge. Attaching some string (leftover from something and was in the craft box), he could then sit inside and pull the drawbridge up.

I had to cut out a window as apparently it was far too dark in there for him but then that was it. A good few hours he played with that yesterday and it's carried on today too.

This morning I have found a blue blanket for the water around the castle and we have made some fish from paper and jiffy bags that have seen better days. A fishing rod was made from a wooden spoon and string and he's happily sitting there fishing.

Just remember Harvey's advice.

"Don't use your teeth to cut the sticky tape. Your adult teeth won't grow back. The tooth fairy will still come though."

The tooth fairy is obviously on his mind as Alyssa lost her third tooth this week after it being wobbly for 4 days.  She got a £1 coin in her pot and a little thank you note. Why the tooth fairy hasn't caught on with modern technology and offered Pingit, PayPal or bank transfer I will never know ~ would save her carrying around those heavy coins! Alyssa used to ask what the tooth fairy looked like but after she left her business card for the first tooth, Alyssa is quite happy now.

avoiding the washing up and playing cardboard castles.


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    1. Sorry for the late reply! Castle didn't have wi-fi ;) All sorted now so yes, you can come :)