Thursday, 6 March 2014

World Book Day

This morning I set my alarm a little earlier as it is World Book Day and they needed to go to school dressed as their favourite character from a book.

Alyssa was torn between Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz or an Oompa-Loompa from the Roald Dahl classic, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

This is how she left the house this morning.

Dorothy has obviously applied too much fake tan that she's turned orange and also her dyed blonde hair has turned green from swimming! Sort yourself out Dorothy.

I used Snazaroo orange facepaint and some green hairspray which *fingers crossed* will wash out this evening.

Harvey was either going as Mr Tickle from Mr Men classics or Captain Barnacles from the Octonauts books. This is quite a 'new' series but it teaches about the undersea world and is really quite interesting. Both costumes were simple tabard designs as I don't expect him to last the morning still wanting to wear a costume. He lasted 5 minutes as Mr Tickle and then went to school as the Octonaut.

You're never too young or too old to enjoy a book I don't think. Alyssa reads nightly to Harvey which has improved her reading no end and it is also a time where they can do a bit of brother/sister bonding without any arguments. I sit and listen and then usually drift off to sleep. A book is a great addition to a bedtime routine although Harvey always insists on the same few stories.

Who knows what they may choose for next year?

I'd love to hear what your children went to school as today or what you would choose to go as if your work participated in World Book Day.

avoiding the washing up and reading.

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