Monday, 14 April 2014

Another bit of baking

Harvey had an "Octonaut" themed birthday and there were some leftover rice paper with various images on them. I made some simple chocolate cakes and then used these to decorate. Very simple although the children were much happier eating the off-cut pieces of rice paper.

They were very cheap from eBay and I won't hesitate buying some more of these cake toppers in the future.Much cheaper than those small themed cake packets you can buy.

"Not all paper is edible Harvey. When you get to big school, there is sugar paper. Don't eat that!" ~ Alyssa

As the oven was on, I thought I'd make the most of the heat and make another Victoria Sandwich. Lesson learnt with that! 2 tins do no fit on the same shelf together. Tasted yummy though even though it did look like "The leaning tower of Cake".

avoiding the washing up and baking....again!


  1. Love xx you need do some recipes !!!!

    1. A recipe shall appear this weekend for something or other :D promise! xx

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