Sunday, 6 April 2014

Easter holidays

The Easter holidays have started so I was keen to get them exciting with doing different activities each day. We decided to do a bit of baking today so that they Alyssa could use some of her silicone baking equipment she had got for Christmas.

We made 'Banana and Sultana Hearts'.

Whilst the cooker is on, I try to use all the shelves so we also made some vanilla cakes which they could then decorate.

We used silicone cases that my very lovely friend (Thanks Sandy!) sent for the children. They are absolutely superb as the cakes don't stick to them and they then can be washed and reused. Brilliant and right up my street.

It was a lovely day so I opted for them to do the decorating outside ~ my carpet thanked me after the abuse it received last time. If you think treading on Lego hurts, try those silver cake balls. Ouch!

"Mmmmmm.....absotootley delicious."

Avoiding the washing up but not succeeding as we've made loads more!