Monday, 21 April 2014

Getting older

Alyssa - "I'm going to be 7 this year. Where does the time go?"

Me - "I know. I'm going to be 30 and would rather be 7."

My mum - "I'll be 63. I'd be happy with 30."

Harvey - "I want to be one billion."

Age is just a number so they say. I'm 29 yet consider myself nearing the 'old' age bracket and here's why.

1. Sweets I bought as a child are now considered "retro" and penny sweets don't cost a penny. When I can remember going into my local shop and buying Opal Fruits and a Marathon, I feel old.

2. 99p ice-creams no longer cost 99p and I find myself muttering away to anyone within earshot during the Summer that the whole point of a Mr Whippy is that it cost 99 pennies. ***After a Facebook conversation though, it turns out that a 99 isn't actually named after the price. *** ~ Thank you Sara, that's my 'learn something new everyday' for today. :)

3. On a rare night out, I feel old that by 8pm I am yawning and looking forward to getting home and into bed. 

4. I get excited about buying new duvet covers and the weekly 'changing of the beds' routine is a highlight in my life. Fresh, clean sheets = bliss to me. Don't get me starting about line drying my washing too. That really gets me in a happy mood but makes me feel old.

5. Bin days are something to worry about now that I'm 'old'. What day will it be on after the bank holiday and what colour do I put out?

6. Tupperware. What is it with me and plastic boxes? I mean seriously. I have one to collect old stamps in for a charity and one that has fuses in for my car along with Allen keys from flat-pack furniture I've bought over the last 5 years. I also then have various sized ones for different pastas and don't get me started on the bigger ones for the craft boxes. I feel old that I now feel the need to organise and label everything.

7. I refuse to venture to the cinema as I consider it a waste of money and that I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD. Even then possibly waiting for it to appear in a bargain bucket. Possibly showing not just old I feel but how 'tight' I can be too.

8. On a rare night out, I feel old that by 8pm I am yawning and looking forward to getting home and into bed. Now wait, I've just written that for number 3! Forgetfulness...that's another thing that makes me feel old.

9. I feel old that when I've carried the Hoover upstairs, I'm out of puff by the time I get to the top. I'm old and unfit. My hearing is going along with my eyesight. A game of 'hunt the glasses' starts every morning for me.

10. Modifying my car ..... BACK to standard in some ways. An odd one, granted.  For this mum, who is a massive car enthusiast, this was the ultimate way of feeling old. I used to love changing my car so that it was that little bit different from the norm. Now, I find myself raising my car rather than lowering it so that "the ride is more comfortable." I'll feel really old if I ever change my car to a completely 'normal' car though.

All these things make me feel old and often think I've done very little with my life but then I have a harder think about things.....

  •    I have some pretty wonderful and amazing children who make me laugh and smile every day without fail. (They also quite often send me round the bend but then quoting one of my favourite films, Shirley Valentine, "I've always wanted to travel."

  •  I have my own home which many people would only dream about in this current economic climate
  • I've looked after my things which mean that I still have 6, yes 6, cars that I could potentially get back onto the road. Few more children and they'll be set for the day they turn 17.  L plates at the ready! 

  • I've got some fantastic friends up and down the country that I know would do anything for me. At just 29 years old, I'm very privileged to have such a social network.
  • ...and above all. I'm 29. Only 29. I'm young enough to be able to play tag with my children and ride their pushbikes. (yes, I'm that kind of mum!)
Age is just a I say.

avoiding the washing up and realising a few things about ages.


  1. Age is a NUMBER I am 21 and yet to get to 30 ;-)

  2. I've been thinking alot about getting older recently as i'll be 25 this year it's crazy! My mum just turned 50 yesterday and was saying how fast the time goes x

  3. It was my parents' Golden Wedding anniversary recently and they both still seem young to me. A few long time friends are turning 50 this year and seeing them feels the same as when we were kids.

  4. Love this post..I was sat playing a guess the Kids TV theme tune game earlier today with my partner and hearing some of the themes and realising children today have NO clue what they are made me feel really old aha x

  5. If you're feeling old at 29, I'm feeling ANCIENT at 37!!! *sobs into gin*

    A really great post with memories an old dinosaur like me remembers too!!

  6. Brilliant! I am definitely yawning by 8pm x

  7. I can't wait for my kids to go to bed so I can go to bed!

  8. The older I get the more I believe age is just a number! Having kids definitely makes you feel older!

    1. Yes, I agree. I wonder if it's because we see them growing up so quickly and we think the years are just flying by....

  9. This made me chuckle. I hate going out for the night now, all that standing around and paying too much for a drink. I'm always delighted to get home and put my pyjamas on.

  10. Age is definitely just a number. Enjoy every day as much as you can and learn something new every day. 29 is definitely not old and I don't think that getting older is something that should be feared. Look forward to being a day wiser and more experienced :-)

  11. Lovely post. I too love that feel of climbing into freshly laundered sheets - it's a highlight of my life too. And I even remember half penny sweets. I'm sooo old!!

  12. I am getting to the point where I feel distinctly old too!

  13. I totally agree with you age is just a number, you are as old as you feel.

  14. i am always 25. lol I hate increasing in number.

  15. I had decided I am stopping ageing - I don't feel as old as I - I should be early twenties I'm sure of it. x

  16. Great post and I totally get the feeling old points too!

  17. I remember dreading turning 30! Got to say I did agree with all of those points x

  18. oooh i just turned the dreaded 30 and to be honest never though an age would make a difference but it does lol x

  19. Your lost made me laugh, I'm obsessed with new sheets and hanging washing on the line too!

  20. I'm only 2 years younger than you but I don't consider myself "old" at all! Even though I do quite a lot of the things on your list too!!

    Anna (intheplayroom)

  21. I am turning 40 this year......everything makes me feel old now.......I remember when you could by sweets for 1/2p and there were still £1 notes lol

  22. This really made me smile - I remember going to the shop for a 10p mix up and loving taking my time choosing what I wanted!