Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bank Holiday Plans

It's the start of Bank Holiday weekend so of course, one of my children has to become ill.

Last night was not a good night with Alyssa feeling sick and shouting...

"It was the gravy!"

She hadn't had any gravy so think she was in that half-asleep-half-dreaming mode. A couple of hours on the sofa this morning has perked her up though ready for our Bank Holiday Plans.

I like to read other blogs and keep a look out for things that I think my own children would enjoy doing. When reading STEPHSTWOGIRLS , I came across a post about how to make your own huge bubbles.

The Sweetpeas would love it!

I had everything that I needed already except for the glycerin so added this to the shopping list and we would be ready to get bubbly.

As I would have to buy this anyway, I then searched for other things that would need glycerin too. I stumbled across The Imagination Tree and a post to make the "best ever no-cook play dough". Seems good to me so that was added to our plans too.

I still haven't got round to making "easy peasy yummy biscuits" yet with them which I came across on In my bubble so that's my element to the list.

So, by Monday evening, we want to have completed these things at least. Do you have any other ideas we could try out? Let me know in the comments.

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