Monday, 5 May 2014

Hair idea

I saw one of my friends share a page that showed how to do kind of a bun with a plait going round it. No idea what the official name is but it can be found here >>   'bun plait'

Alyssa let me have a quick go with the five minutes I had before we had to leave the house. Not a bad attempt I feel. Would be much easier with a few more hands and a lot more patience.

I didn't want to use a grip to hold it around the bun as Alyssa sometimes complains that it hurts so just carried on plaiting down the hair.

I was always envious of the girls at school who had French plaits. Now with Pinterest and Youtube, I'm determined to become a parent who can learn hairstyles.

avoiding the washing up and experimenting with a new hairstyle.

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