Saturday, 14 June 2014


 (Warning :  naughty words included in this post so move on if it may offend.)

Advertising often works well in this household and mainly on Harvey. Today I send out a truly heartfelt apology to my neighbours who may have heard Harvey singing out the advert to "Gladstone Brookes". Not anything major except he was under the illusion that they were actually singing.....

"Arsehole Grubs"

I also apologise for the continuous calls out from Harvey to come to the fence to receive the latest 'present' he's got for you. I think half of my pebble path may now be in your garden! Sorry.

They have both enjoyed listening to a fellow neighbour though as he's played his music and they've danced round the garden to the likes of Phil Collins and The Monkees. Great day in the sunshine sorting out the shed and mending it ..(excuse the garden ~ it's work in progress!)

REMEMBER ~ no disco is complete without a broom.

avoiding the washing up and enjoying the garden.

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