Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Online grocery shopping

I do love a bit of online grocery shopping mainly because it saves dragging the children with me to the store. Harvey simply cannot stay near the trolley without attempting to 'fix it'. Yes, he is that child that you may have seen laying underneath it as if was a car.

"Pass me a spanner Mummy."

So online shopping is the way forward for us. Yesterday I was trying to be super organised as it was their first day back to school. The shopping arrived and all was great...until I got to the vegetables.

I'd wanted 3 parsnips, just 3. Somehow I had managed to order 3 BAGS of parsnips. Guess we'll be getting our 5 a day for sure this week! Look out for all those parsnip recipes coming up. It's been suggested to make parsnip soup, roasted parsnips,parsnip mash, parsnip chips as well as even putting them in a cake.

It's Karma though as I told my mum how silly she was when she ordered 12 bags of bananas instead of just 12 single ones.

Have you had any online shopping mishaps?

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