Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fashion choice?

So this is Harvey wearing his coat.

Thank you so much to the passenger of the white van who insisted hanging right out of the window as they drove past shouting"...his coat's on backwards...." 

I did actually realise and I even buttoned him into it after he insisted it needed to be done up else he'd be cold. To be honest, when you have a Harvey in your life, getting him out the house in any clothes is a positive in itself. If you've read my blog before, you'll possibly remember his previous statements pieces too. Bendy socks anyone?

This was his chosen outfit the other day ~ thank goodness he didn't venture outside like that though!

He was being a "dragon bat" apparently. Didn't you know?! This is all the rage in Paris and Milan!


  1. Harvey is a total star! No self respecting fashion show would be complete without him!

  2. Complete dude ! I had a harvey/marcus in my life. They enrich it beyond compare.