Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 8

They were very excited to be allowed to use their straw-spoon contraptions that we had to save tokens for from Coco Pops. I must be such a horrible mum as usually the answer is no as it's a nightmare for me to clean. (New rule ~ let's use the things we have. Why are we saving them for best or for the holidays?)

We then continued the day with a bit of a clear up session and sorting of toys. This then turned into Alyssa dressing up Harvey as a princess and no tidying was really achieved.

He declined to have a photograph.

I then thought it would be a good idea to do some hand printing on a canvas that I had in the hope I could get it fixed to the wall.

Bad idea. Paint everywhere! On the positive side though, that's another job ticked off my "to do" list.

 A "teddy bear's picnic" in the park was organised with friends so Harvey gathered up his vital things to take.

So, carrying a telescope,walkie-talkie, yo-yo, mobile phone and kite, we headed off to the park.

We decided to do a few  from the #GetYourSkillsOn challenge by Robinsons Fruit Shoot.

No frisbees so we used plastic plates.

Harvey threw the 'frisbee' and it came straight down on Alyssa's head. I think more practice will be needed over the next few weeks.

Alyssa and her friend attempted the challenge of "Walk for 15 seconds balancing something on your head."

They even tried to do it over the wooden assault course. The monkey bars would have been very impressive if they had got that far.

They also did some kite flying. These little pocket kites that I'd picked up cheaply years ago always come in handy. They don't have too much string on them so I don't need to worry about overhead cables. (Ok, it's more so I don't have to worry about Harvey tying Alyssa up in a mile of string.)

When we got home, we looked through some of the other challenges. On sports day, we had discussed three-legged races and what it means. I will have it be known that my friend and I were exceptional at this race when we were at primary school. Wonder if it was a skill I still had? Only one way to find out.

Answer ~ I'm not 9 years old anymore. I'm no longer any good and let the team down. I need a partner more my size I think though. 

Alyssa had a go at hula-hooping again too.

Another challenge was to do a new street move. Instantly she ran to a lamp post and jumped up onto it. I swear she does not get this fascination for pole dancing from me.

Alyssa then tried something else....

A broom handle made an excellent limbo pole.

(More you stick your tongue out the lower you can go.)

You might be thinking "where's Harvey?" It's a phrase I must say at least 100 times a time. This is where he was. He'd had such an exciting day that he'd gone upstairs to put his teddy away and....

...... fell asleep.

avoiding the washing up and writing this blog post from an igloo!  Day 6's activity

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day 7 ~ Central Park

Picnic day in Central Park at Peterborough.

We set out a picnic with loads of yummy nibbles, fruit and juices.

(That was a brand new picnic blanket when we started. Doesn't look it now after all that running about.)


Harvey eating a "naked Scotch egg". Yes, he peels everything away just to get to the egg.

It has a lovely paddling pool area and sandpit so the children can run from one place to the other yet are still enclosed in a relatively small area. (As you can see from the pictures, more sand ends up in the pool.)

The container the cocktail sausages came in made an excellent bucket. Time for a .....

..................water fight!

.But what do you do after eating all that food and running back and forth?.....

....Have an ice cream!

Of course, Harvey managed to get his ice cream on his hat which then led to him having to then lick it off.

It's often hard work going anywhere by myself with them so today I joined forces with a friend and her daughter. I'm so used to being a single parent that I've forgotten how having another adult with you can seriously make venturing out of the house that much easier.

Blissful rather than stressful.

They had a play on the adventure playground and then we called it a day.

These photos are probably my favourites of the day though. I love how The Sweetpeas obviously enjoy playing with other children. Alyssa is such a poser and Harvey, well, his arms full of food says it all.

(P.S. Jade, you need to tell me how you do these photos as I love them!)

avoiding the washing up  and playing in the park.

Part of the #GetYourSkillsOn Robinsons Fruit Shoot challenge.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 6

Nearly a week already gone but today I had to wait in for a parcel so they made a den in the garden from my washing that was happily drying outside.

A picnic for lunch in the den.

The parcel arrived in a huge box and also a smaller box. It was a new duvet and some pillows for them so they had come wrapped in white plastic and loads of large bubble wrap.

We had an idea for another hide out for the holidays.

An igloo.

You've been warned.

We also had to go do some shopping which then also turned out to be a trip to a new milkshake shop. "Milkshake Junction" in Ramsey. Wow, just wow! They are utterly delicious.

I stupidly made the mistake that they would never get through a regular sized cup and I could have the leftovers but no such luck.

"Can we move to Ramsey? They have the best milkshakes in the world. Ever." ~ Alyssa

Now there's a recommendation.

Alyssa was tired by the time we got home so she went to sleep. Harvey and I then watched The Lego Movie whilst eating homemade bread and jam.

Everything is awesome. 

Pretty much sums up today too.

Part of the Fruit Shoot and Tots100 #GetYourSkillsOn challenge. "Make a brilliant den"

Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 5 ~ water theme

They wanted a day at home today so the morning was filled with playing bubbles outside. I then though I'd let the try something new to taste.


Neither of them liked them in the end. Packet of seafood sticks anyone?

I thought then we would perhaps venture out to the park for the afternoon but oh no, the washing machine had different plans.

It wanted us to have our own indoor water park! Lovely idea usually but not in my kitchen please.

I eventually fixed the machine, (cheers Google!) and we mopped up all the water. Not the ideal day but one I will certainly remember.

The cause of the breakdown? Well, that was down to a 20p piece and a colour catcher. Just serves to prove that you shouldn't carry cash and never mix your colours.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 4 ~ race day

We are very privileged to have a bike race come through our village ~ The Circuit of the Fens.

I'm not a sporty person but I thoroughly enjoyed watching them all zoom past and even 'attempted' to take some photographs.

The fitness levels they must have are absolutely outstanding. 

I do think these last 2 photographs that I took on my phone were my favourites though.

My photography skills never cease to amaze me.

"The Sweetpeas" even found time for a round of golf whilst waiting for the bikes to come round again.

Very active and exciting day today and they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Wonder what they are planning to do tomorrow?