Friday, 11 July 2014

All I needed was milk

I very rarely go into a supermarket these days as found that I spend less money and only get what I really need if I do an online shop.

"The Sweetpeas" had eaten quite a lot of cereal this week for some reason so more milk was needed.

I popped in for 6 pints of milk ~ JUST milk was all I needed. So, of course, £25 later, I was leaving the store. Would have been cheaper to just buy a cow!

As I was packing the 3 carrier bags full of shopping into my boot, I noticed that the yogurt I'd bought had split open.

It was such a good job I'd also been unable to resist new tumblers for them both.  There I was decanting yogurt into cups. Knew there was a reason why I bought those too.

Now I know why my car has those cup holders.

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