Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 2

Day 2 of the holidays consisted of a lay in .... yippeeeee!

I then made them pancakes so that I could use up the fruit leftover from our picnic at the beach. They were incredibly yummy even though the first one resembled a car.

Do you see it too or is it just me? I'm one of these people that can see shapes in the clouds too. I must get our more, I really must.

After their pancakes in the garden, we visited Great Grandad for a bit and then ventured off to buy a golf set.

Harvey decided he needed more shorts so we found his old jeans that had seen better days and we customised them. 

Much better to be playing in the sand pit with shorts on than jeans.

A bit of a walk/scoot/bike to see Great Grandad again in the evening and that was day 2 done and dusted.

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