Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 6

Nearly a week already gone but today I had to wait in for a parcel so they made a den in the garden from my washing that was happily drying outside.

A picnic for lunch in the den.

The parcel arrived in a huge box and also a smaller box. It was a new duvet and some pillows for them so they had come wrapped in white plastic and loads of large bubble wrap.

We had an idea for another hide out for the holidays.

An igloo.

You've been warned.

We also had to go do some shopping which then also turned out to be a trip to a new milkshake shop. "Milkshake Junction" in Ramsey. Wow, just wow! They are utterly delicious.

I stupidly made the mistake that they would never get through a regular sized cup and I could have the leftovers but no such luck.

"Can we move to Ramsey? They have the best milkshakes in the world. Ever." ~ Alyssa

Now there's a recommendation.

Alyssa was tired by the time we got home so she went to sleep. Harvey and I then watched The Lego Movie whilst eating homemade bread and jam.

Everything is awesome. 

Pretty much sums up today too.

Part of the Fruit Shoot and Tots100 #GetYourSkillsOn challenge. "Make a brilliant den"


  1. Looooove this.....such gorgeous kids and I love the reminders of the stuff we used to dream up as kids :)