Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Day 7 ~ Central Park

Picnic day in Central Park at Peterborough.

We set out a picnic with loads of yummy nibbles, fruit and juices.

(That was a brand new picnic blanket when we started. Doesn't look it now after all that running about.)


Harvey eating a "naked Scotch egg". Yes, he peels everything away just to get to the egg.

It has a lovely paddling pool area and sandpit so the children can run from one place to the other yet are still enclosed in a relatively small area. (As you can see from the pictures, more sand ends up in the pool.)

The container the cocktail sausages came in made an excellent bucket. Time for a .....

..................water fight!

.But what do you do after eating all that food and running back and forth?.....

....Have an ice cream!

Of course, Harvey managed to get his ice cream on his hat which then led to him having to then lick it off.

It's often hard work going anywhere by myself with them so today I joined forces with a friend and her daughter. I'm so used to being a single parent that I've forgotten how having another adult with you can seriously make venturing out of the house that much easier.

Blissful rather than stressful.

They had a play on the adventure playground and then we called it a day.

These photos are probably my favourites of the day though. I love how The Sweetpeas obviously enjoy playing with other children. Alyssa is such a poser and Harvey, well, his arms full of food says it all.

(P.S. Jade, you need to tell me how you do these photos as I love them!)

avoiding the washing up  and playing in the park.

Part of the #GetYourSkillsOn Robinsons Fruit Shoot challenge.

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  1. Awww what a great day you guys had!! The kiddies sure look like they enjoyed the day!! ahahha They are so adorable!! Looking forward to your next post!