Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 8

They were very excited to be allowed to use their straw-spoon contraptions that we had to save tokens for from Coco Pops. I must be such a horrible mum as usually the answer is no as it's a nightmare for me to clean. (New rule ~ let's use the things we have. Why are we saving them for best or for the holidays?)

We then continued the day with a bit of a clear up session and sorting of toys. This then turned into Alyssa dressing up Harvey as a princess and no tidying was really achieved.

He declined to have a photograph.

I then thought it would be a good idea to do some hand printing on a canvas that I had in the hope I could get it fixed to the wall.

Bad idea. Paint everywhere! On the positive side though, that's another job ticked off my "to do" list.

 A "teddy bear's picnic" in the park was organised with friends so Harvey gathered up his vital things to take.

So, carrying a telescope,walkie-talkie, yo-yo, mobile phone and kite, we headed off to the park.

We decided to do a few  from the #GetYourSkillsOn challenge by Robinsons Fruit Shoot.

No frisbees so we used plastic plates.

Harvey threw the 'frisbee' and it came straight down on Alyssa's head. I think more practice will be needed over the next few weeks.

Alyssa and her friend attempted the challenge of "Walk for 15 seconds balancing something on your head."

They even tried to do it over the wooden assault course. The monkey bars would have been very impressive if they had got that far.

They also did some kite flying. These little pocket kites that I'd picked up cheaply years ago always come in handy. They don't have too much string on them so I don't need to worry about overhead cables. (Ok, it's more so I don't have to worry about Harvey tying Alyssa up in a mile of string.)

When we got home, we looked through some of the other challenges. On sports day, we had discussed three-legged races and what it means. I will have it be known that my friend and I were exceptional at this race when we were at primary school. Wonder if it was a skill I still had? Only one way to find out.

Answer ~ I'm not 9 years old anymore. I'm no longer any good and let the team down. I need a partner more my size I think though. 

Alyssa had a go at hula-hooping again too.

Another challenge was to do a new street move. Instantly she ran to a lamp post and jumped up onto it. I swear she does not get this fascination for pole dancing from me.

Alyssa then tried something else....

A broom handle made an excellent limbo pole.

(More you stick your tongue out the lower you can go.)

You might be thinking "where's Harvey?" It's a phrase I must say at least 100 times a time. This is where he was. He'd had such an exciting day that he'd gone upstairs to put his teddy away and....

...... fell asleep.

avoiding the washing up and writing this blog post from an igloo!  Day 6's activity