Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer holidays begin

So day 1 of the summer holidays so what did we have planned?


So we make a quick decision that we would bundle up a change of clothes, swimming costumes and a picnic and see where we would end up.

We ended up at Snettisham on the Norfolk coast.

It's a shingle beach and parking was just £2 for half a day.

I love it that there isn't any shops so don't get constantly asked to buy things. There was an ice-cream van so they both had one with a flake and I treated myself to a rum and raisin cone. Yummy!

 Within minutes of arriving and lugging our things over the hill of stones onto the beach, they were both covered in mud. The tide was coming in so they had their lunch and then did a bit of exploring.

Their paddling selfie.

   Harvey found a big rock to stare at the sea and contemplate.

With all the floral outfits that we seemed to have got on today, a butterfly was attracted to coming home with us. Not in my car Mr Butterfly! I swear they can sense my fear of them.

It's a lovely beach to visit as it's quiet and mainly older people and dog walkers are there. The Sweetpeas particularly enjoyed the dog that came to paddle with them and then would bark at each wave.

We had to leave as there are no toilets there which is a major problem with little 'uns. 

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