Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 13

Today is the day I dread every year.

School shoe shopping.

It's usually incredibly stressful and expensive. I was talking to a friend about this ordeal and she suggested heading to Springfields at Spalding so that's what we did.

I like them to have their feet measured properly whilst their feet are still growing so we always head to Clarkes.

Harvey was measured as an 11G and Alyssa is 12.5G according to their new iPad measuring gizmo. I remember having my feet measured with a machine where you put your foot in and these big clumpy bits of metal moved onto it.

This was their starting point as they ventured round the store looking for suitable shoes.

Eventually we got out of the store after Harvey needed three fitting assistants to keep him entertained. Yes, three lovely women tried to occupy him whilst we sorted shoes that fitted and that he could walk in.

Alyssa got some lovely school shoes and then some purple patent party shoes too.

Both insisted on wearing their new shoes out of the store. They must get that from me as I always wanted to do that too.

We then headed off for a walk, a picnic and a bit more shopping.

 Pretty purple shoes

Harvey was hiding...

Alyssa would make an excellent tour guide.

"Can I go in? I can swim you know."

The answer is no Harvey, always no.

We even found a dinosaur!

Really enjoyed our visit to Springfields and will definitely go again.

They both fell asleep on the way home but that just meant that they were fully energised for an attempt at their new purchase ~ "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus game!"

I lost. I let the pigeon drive my bus. We shall have to play it again tomorrow and I will let no more birds in the driving seat.

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