Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 16 ~ exciting!!

Absolutely miserable weather so we did a quick grocery shop and then snuggled up at home. We have played boardgames, made dens and also carried on with out #loomtothemoon chain.

As it is Friday, that means that it is's live competition. I like to watch it as lots of my friends enter and I always like to see if their name appears.

Today the theme was to put up a photograph with an American item. "The Sweetpeas" ran upstairs and put on red, white and blue clothing. I quickly made a sign and some pom-poms out of ribbons. This was all thrown together in about 20 minutes. 15 minutes of that was Harvey going....

"I can't find any shorts. Can I wear pyjamas?" 

I posted up the photo on their Facebook page and headed over to watch the live feed.

Our photograph appeared! WOW! I was gobsmacked. WOW. WOW. WOW

I called in and could feel myself trembling and unable to utter many words. "The Sweetpeas" were screaming with excitement. 

It's completely different talking to someone when you know loads of people are listening and also they are going to send you....wait for it....

a fridge!

We have to review it and then we get to keep it. I love! Oh and to top the day off, my friend also got to review something that she's been wanting for over a year.

So yes, definitely head over to Facebook page and get involved.