Thursday, 28 August 2014

I'm having a FREE Christmas 2014

Myself and two lovely friends, Sandy and Sara, started a group on Facebook in January. The aim was to have a place where we could write about all the websites that we had found between us.

We then decided to open it up so that other people could join in and see if they could earn themselves a FREE Christmas.

I remember once sharing on our walls that we had reached the 200 members stage and we felt overwhelmed. We now have a whopping 2236 members as I write this post. It really does grow every day. I think this is because, once people join and see that it really works, they then spread that news to their friends. It has grown so big that we now also have another admin who sorts out files, answers questions and of course, accepts new members.

I did think it was quite funny when my Mum was approached by someone she works with asking if she knew about this Free Christmas group on  Facebook? Word is obviously spreading!

The best bit about our group though is how friendly it is. There isn't any shouting (if you can SHOUT ONLINE!) nor is there any moaning other than in a "wish-I-had-that-survey" tone.  It's become a great community where many people visit daily. We encourage people to ask questions rather than get stuck and just give up. We've continually shown how these sites can give you Amazon vouchers, giftcards or PayPal without having to spend any of your own money. It's also been good at showing us which sites to avoid.

No-one in life knows everything so I feel this has been a great way of sharing knowledge, tips and also wealth. We have files for each website and encourage members to post their own referral links. It's very active both throughout the day and also during the night.

I'm so proud of our little brainwave that evening when we set up the group. I love seeing all the photographs that members post up of their FREE presents that they have bought.

The only problem we now have is that the group has the wrong name for next year. So, would you like a FREE Christmas one year?

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