Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our front door

Our front door is the divide between the utter chaos that is our home life and the world outside. As soon as that door shuts, we are in our own space where we can do whatever we want to do.

It's plain dark blue with a small little window. As soon as I open the door, the light bursts into my home and then the moment it is closed, it goes all dark again. Such a shame as I feel light certainly improves the mood in a home.

Our door is the same design as every other door on the street and many other houses share the same colour too. In fact, when I bought my house nearly 6 years ago, the seller just pointed down the street and said it was that house for sale...

"the one with the blue door"

Which one? They are all the same! If you've read any other posts on my blog, you'll know by now that me and "The Sweetpeas" are far from being the same as everyone else.

Our front door has seen many people pass through it ~ (usually opening it first!). I'm sure it could tell a lot of stories including a few arguments on the doorstep as well as plenty of screams of delight when the children have seen decorations stuck to it for their birthdays. Our front door holds an extremely important part to my life too.

The letterbox.

This is where all our cards from friends, prizes from competitions and the all important bills come through. It's our little glimpse into the vast world beyond our little terraced house.

When I painted our garden fence the way I did, my next door neighbour said she liked it but hoped I wasn't going to do that to my front door!

I wonder if Yale does a beach hut theme front door? I think it would suit our lifestyle completely.

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