Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Uniform planning

The holidays are very nearly over so we are now starting to make sure we have all the uniform ready for school. Chunky will be starting out in Reception and Petal is off to be in Year 2.

It doesn't feel 5 minutes since I was taking photos of them both in their respective uniforms on the last day of term.

As a bit of a fun challenge on this very rainy day, we had a go at designing a uniform they'd LOVE to wear instead of what they HAVE to wear.

They used the Debenhams website to browse through the "kid's" section and were debating what things they would really need. Yes, my children are all about the practicalities of clothing.

Wellies are imperative! They can both often be found wearing wellies and they thought that would be good fun for all. No more wet play times inside as everyone would have their wellies with them.

They both loved these Crocs wellies as they have handles on them too making them easy to pull on themselves. 

We had to establish what a uniform actually meant as Alyssa was adamant that she wanted to wear this dress as part of her uniform. They then agreed that Harvey wouldn't necessarily look good in that dress (I agree!). 

They then decided that their uniform would be the colour blue and spots. 

It's a good job those Crocs wellies they originally chose also come in blue too. They thought then perhaps that their school children could actually choose what colour wellies that wanted so that they weren't all completely the same.

They both agreed that jeans would be very good for school. Browsing through the pages, Alyssa found some jeans that also had braces with them. 

"Perfect for Harvey! They have braces. They are also spotty. 

I could have my spotty dress now and we will match."

I have to agree with her choice. These would be ideal for Harvey.

There uniform was coming together nicely and with no help from me. I was indeed very impressed. Perhaps this was a future career for them both. Would be different from what Harvey had informed me he wanted to be only yesterday.

"I'm going to be a pilot. No, I'm going to be a pilot of a hot air balloon. Actually, I'm going to be a mountain climber."

Alyssa then searched and found a white shirt for Harvey's uniform that incorporated a spot design. 

I had to then tempt her away from the laptop as she started to browse the bag section too.

"This is spotty. We'll have that!"

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  1. I love the Crocs wellies. Lara had some for school last year and they lasted the full year. Thanks so much for entering the competition.