Thursday, 25 September 2014

Autumn walks home

A simple 15 minute walk home soon turned into a 40 minute walk when they decided that they absolutely had to have a go in the park.

They also were adamant that they needed to collect leaves and conkers.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Maize Maze

"The Sweetpeas" and my cousin's little boys meet up most Sundays to play at their Great Grandad's. It's become a bit of a tradition now and they look forward to it.

Last year they went to the maize maze at Skylark and it was suggested that we tagged along with them this year.

Well I wasn't going to pass up that opportunity.

We all headed towards the entrance and had to give ourselves a team name. They were issued with a book and a pencil as they had to find 10 stamps throughout the maze and answer the question. At this point I was glad that we had a map.

They had so much fun running ahead until they got to a part where they had to go either left, right or straight on.

I loved how they had to find stamps around the maze and answer the questions.

It must be such a great view from the sky.

A photo from under the bridge...

... and eventually we were able to reach the top of the same bridge.

Fortunately (or unfortunately maybe), we finally made it out of the maze.

We all had a bit of lunch whilst waiting for the next lot of tractor rides. The children thoroughly enjoyed this. They were all given a water pistol to try and soak the pigeon targets as we went round.

This time the pigeons squirt back so definitely watch out!

That smile may look innocent but she certainly knew how to soak people.

I reckon the adults enjoy this ride more than the children. Who doesn't love a water fight?

They had a play in the playground for another hour whilst waiting for the next attraction of the pig racing.

Alyssa opted for sweet-talking the pigs...

.... whilst Harvey went for the Go-Karts.

Once she had made her deal with the appropriate pig, she had a few goes on the zip wire.

I wish to thank the staff at Skylark for being so polite and helpful. They really put great effort into making it a fun experience for the children.

I can't wait to go next year. Might even take the children along too if they are lucky.