Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bad day turns good

The day started out badly when I woke up and immediately my back began to ache. My bed is usually so comfy that I could sleep for a million years in it.

I eventually found out the cause for this problem though.

Harvey had obviously put the bike bell in my bed as a reminder that I had promised I would fit it to his bike at the weekend.

We then had a parcel delivered which turned out to be a prize that Alyssa had won. It was a beautiful art set with lots of felt tips, crayons, paints and chalks in it.

"It's a suitcase of art things!"

The afternoon was then spent at a soft play centre so that was lots of fun if a little chaotic at times.

On the way there we saw an old Ford Escort and all I could hear was this conversation coming from the back of the car.

Alyssa ~ "Wow, look at that. I want one of those! When Gordon dies, let's buy one."

Harvey ~ "Gordon will never die. Gordon eats money but he won't give up."

Gordon is our Golf (the car!)


  1. your children are genius xx much love Claire your forever friend

    1. I shall have to arrange a meet up soon so you get to experience their wit in real life :)