Sunday, 2 November 2014

Footprint shoes shelves

I was really fed up of always falling over their shoes in the hallway or not being able to find a pair of school shoes in the last frantic minutes before leaving the house. They just can't go to school wearing wellies despite Harvey insisting that it will be fine as his "wellies are green and my uniform is green."

I saw these awesome little footprint shelves on Amazon by j-me. They aren't cheap at £10 each but I think they are utterly adorable. They were really easy to fix to the wall as they came with the appropriate fixings. I drilled a couple of holes and then screwed them in to place.

I also bought a wall sticker for £4.02 which I thought finished off the corner of a very small hallway. You can't go wrong with a Dr Seuss quote.

No more wasted time when we need to leave the house as their shoes are ready and waiting for them. There is more room above the sticker too so I can put some more shelves up when I've saved some more Amazon gift vouchers.

Single Parent Pessimist


  1. i absolutely love this!
    i wish those floating shelves were cheaper than a tenner each as i would have bought them!
    wonder if i can find cheaper handy if i could find some that would cater for my huge size 10 feet, and im sure my sons will be bigger in a few years!

    Thanks for linking with #singleparentlinky

    1. Yes I'd love bigger ones too so that my shoes could go on them. I have an idea in mind though for my ones so watch this space!

  2. Can't wait to see more going up :) love your DIY so clever

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