Saturday, 27 December 2014

Game of the day - review of Prickly Pile-Up

Alyssa had asked for games for Christmas and I'd bought her this one from The Parsely Pot in Huntingdon. I'd never seen it before, (this is mainly why I like looking in those fantastic local shops) and I thought it looked great fun.

It's called Prickly Pile-up (and can also be bought from Amazon for £10.95 currently.)

I didn't realise that we'd end up playing it all afternoon and again once they were ready for bed.

The aim of the game is to balance the porcupines on a base of 3 of them but, as you can see from the photographs, they made up their own rules.

I absolutely love how they started to work together to see how high they could build their tower of hedgehogs / porcupines.

Immense smugness from them and all from a simple wooden game. Not a battery in sight.

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