Sunday, 28 December 2014

This time next year Rodney

I'd love to be typing that this time next year I'll be a millionaire like the common phase from "Only Fools and Horses" but sadly that won't be the case for 2015. Perhaps 2016.

I do have a few plans though for 2015.

  • Do something that scares me - This will no doubt be a visit to a butterfly farm as they are possibly the one thing that truly petrifies me.

  • Go camping - "The Sweetpeas" have never been camping. (There was that one time when they were small when Alyssa insisted on camping out in the back garden. I set up the tent which was no easy thing in our teeny-tiny garden. She then decided that inside looked much warmer and I ended up camping by myself.)

  • Empty sink - Strange I know but what I mean by this is a little challenge to myself to not go to bed until I have washed and dried up everything. I have a habit of using the excuse of it needs to soak when it obviously doesn't and I'm just being lazy.

  • Need or want? - I need to be even more frugal with my money. I save at the moment but i could save more by not being tempted to buy things that I don't need. I've set up a little savings account and named it "memory making". I want to have enough money in there one day to buy a VW Camper van and take "The Sweetpeas" on an awesome road trip one summer. I'd love them to be able to remember having fun times together. 

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