Thursday, 29 January 2015


Our poppy from the Tower of London installation arrived this week after ordering it months ago. It's fantastic and will now be passed through the generations hopefully.I would have loved to have gone and seen it myself but unfortunately I never got there. I feel very honoured to have been able to buy one of the 888,246 poppies.

Flowers have played a huge part in my life through the years as they have been present at some very happy times.

My aunt is utterly amazing when it comes to flowers. I completely admire her talent in creating something so spectacular. I remember requesting some button holes once for a wedding that I was going to and jokingly said "I'll have a sunflower please".She appeared carrying the most beautiful rose button holes and then displayed the miniature sunflower "joke" button hole. It was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. I wore it all afternoon and into the evening and the amount of compliments that were received over just that one flower was incredible.

Some more friends got married a few years ago now so I put in my request again for buttonholes. They were amazing and I still remember Alyssa twirling around and being gobsmacked that the flowers stayed on her coat. She kept trying to smell them. (Harvey was too little to really be bothered with his buttonhole and to be honest, I was just glad he didn't think it was something edible.)

These buttonholes also feature on one of my favourite photographs of the three of us.

I know that a lot of people look at flowers and think that'll they will only die, what a waste of money. I used to be the same! Anything to save money.

But, I expect you can remember all the times that someone has bought you a bunch of flowers or what type or flowers you had at your wedding or events that you have attended? Those flowers made a difference to your mood and made that day even more special. I call that money well spent.

Just look at the flowers that my cousin at her wedding obviously created by my aunt.

Her bouquet was simply stunning. I even had a chance of holding it and wow, I'll never forget the weight of it.

Aren't flowers just wonderful?

Valentine's day is possibly the next big day where flowers will be getting sent to loved ones so what a great post to highlight Bizzee-Bee Flowers,  a new florist business (where my very talented aunt can be found perfecting her arrangements)  at 1 The Wheel CentreMarch, PE15 8TX.

A little wooden bee goes out with their orders which is a fantastic touch. I like that smaller florists really care about the customer and have great enthusiasm when it comes to delighting them.

When did flowers play a part in your life?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


If you've seen some of my photographs recently, you will have seen that Harvey's hair was beginning to resemble something of a mop head just plonked on top of him. He needed it cutting so I booked him in with our friend who always cuts his hair. She is so patient with him even though he is usually flapping around, wriggling around in the chair and basically doing anything rather than just sitting still.

This evening it all changed though. He sat in the chair by himself without me having to have him sit on my lap. He even let her put the gown on so hair didn't fly everywhere. Often it was just a "go for it and attempt to cut" and the gown wasn't worried about too much.

Harvey let her snip away without too many problems and was superb in comparison to previous attempts.

So here we have him. My grown up Harvey who, on the way home, announced...

"I want my hair cut every day."

I was utterly amazed and perhaps this may be the start of him listening to my requests to behave himself and then tasks get done quicker. I had also promised him fish and chips for tea afterwards which may have helped but he's put that off until tomorrow evening as he would like to "celebrate" with Grandma.

(There you go then Mum, celebratory fish and chips tomorrow thanks to Harvey having a good hair cut.)

Alyssa on the other hand is an angel when it comes to having her hair cut. She requested "just 2 snips please" as she wants to keep her long hair. She does like to be pampered though and kind of goes into some kind of trance as she sits there so still and quiet.

How do your children behave when they have their hair cut?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Alyssa's way of not losing the end of her sticky tape.

I love how Alyssa tries to find the solution to her own problems. She will never lose the end to her roll of sticky tape again.

Monday, 26 January 2015

I've got a money tree

I worked at a branch once where I would talk to a customer who was a gardener. I had a plastic 'flip-flap' plant like this on my till and I had said that was about my limit of keeping a plant alive.
When I left that branch, he brought me in a tiny money plant. He said it was appropriate as obviously I counted money all day and apparently it is really easy to look after. I had my doubts but no (about 8 years on) it's much bigger.

It's currently growing new shoots and I do love that I been able to keep it alive. Every now and again, I give it a glug of water and than neglect it again. I remember reading once that it likes to feel a bit pot-bound and just left alone. I did buy another money plant though to keep it company which also seems to be growing too.

Unfortunately, neither have grown any money but I suppose we all live in hope of actually having a plant that grows feel cash.

I want to be a hooker

My Grandma made the effort to teach all her grandchildren how to knit - this included the boys. My mum then taught her to crochet. This is a skill that I've not mastered yet but apparently it's quite easy once you put the effort into doing it.
All I need is a crochet hook (hence the title ;) ) and some wool. Oh and some time to learn. I'm going to make it my mission to actually have a look at some Youtube videos and get to grips with learning this skill. I know it's not something that I can necessarily put on my CV but I'd feel like I would then be able to pass on this skill to my children at some point. In fact, perhaps this could be something that we learn together. Alyssa would love it and would no doubt excel at it. Harvey would probably try to use a crochet hook as some kind of sword though but I can try.
Can you crochet and have any tips for me?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Colouring time

The Sweetpeas and I have been having a bit of a sort out this weekend and we've switched their room around to try and give them more space. I also had the intention of getting rid of the last of an old wardrobe. It was a large drawer and I managed to get it downstairs ready to go to the tip.

I literally turn my back for a few minutes and it's pushed against the wall, packed full with cushions and a quilt. Instant colouring station!

Alyssa jumped straight back in after we returned from swimming this evening.

Simple things I suppose can be made into fun times.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Glasses Direct

I've had to wear glasses since I learnt to drive and needed to be able to read number plates at the required distance.

I then became lazy and started to wear them all the time thinking that I would be prepared if I even needed to see that long distance range in a hurry.  It's now got to the point where I need to wear them all the time.

I'd been and had my eyes testing in October and bought some new frames. I wasn't completely happy with them at the time as the only ones I could find were in the children's section. I'd been back to the opticians to alter how they felt on me as they were obviously too small for me.

When I saw a code posted on MoneySavingExpert offering a discount of £36 on some new glasses from Glasses Direct I popped over to have a browse.
The choice in frames was phenomenal. I liked that I could shop by shape of frame or price range.

You can have a free 7 day home trial too so that you can choose up to 4 frames at a time to see if they'll suit you.

I chose 2 frames as if I bought one pair over £55 I could get another pair free. Once I was happy, I added these to my basket and moved into the checkout process.

In the end I chose one set that £75 and one that were £55. I added some scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating to the cheaper pair at an additional cost of £12.

You get budget lens package with your frames so this is just a standard uncoated lens. You can then upgrade your frames to include such things as anti-reflection, scratch-resistant or making the lens thinner.

In the end I paid £54.95 which was for 2 sets of glasses and also included the delivery at £3.95. I thought this was a great price seeing as I usually spend about £100 for my usual frames where the choice is extremely limited.


It was really simple to input my prescription into the website. (They do have a little help sheet online too to guide you through it.) As I mentioned before, I had my eyes tested in October and had requested my prescription from my Opticians. Your prescription must not be older than 2 years to be able to use Glasses Direct.


They were delivered early this morning via Royal Mail, even before my children had woken up.

"How did you get new glasses in the night?!" ~ Harvey

They arrived in just a normal jiffybag emblazoned with Glasses . Each pair of glasses had their own case and also a cleaning cloth in with them.

I will need to adjust them ever so slightly as they are a little too big but the website even offers help with this too via a couple of Youtube videos. (Shall be giving that a try when The Sweetpeas are asleep as don't want them thinking that is how you treat your things!)

I am really impressed with the speed of delivery and the communication throughout the whole process. Quality frames, lens and a great price. I won't hesistate in using them again in the future and will continue to do so until I do more research about laser eye surgery.

Feel free to use my name "Emily Shepperson" when placing your first order to get £30 off frames over £55. I will receive £15 Amazon vouchers up to 6 months from today.

Friday, 23 January 2015


I do love to budget and I'm one of those people that has to have a spreadsheet that calculates things out so I know where things are going and on what dates. I have a bills account which a standing order goes over to on payday. Standing orders also go out for various amounts into separate online 'pots'. I suppose working in a bank has made me be quite organised with my money now.

I'd like to share with you some of the little things that I do to put me in control of my money.


January is the time that I pay for the entire year of line rental for my home phone. It saves me over £30 for the year and I'd need to pay it anyway so I choose to go with that option. (I do use my cashback credit card to pay it though so it works out even less too. Obviously I then pay the equivalent money off my credit card. They'll be getting no interest out of me I can assure you!)

It's definitely worth researching your provider to see if they offer a similar scheme.

Make the most of the things you have with your landline package. I have unlimited weekend and evening calls. Between the hours of 7pm and 7am I get free 0845 numbers up to 59 minutes too. Now I'm not in the habit of needing to use them but I've found a great website that will pay you to listen to their radio station.

This is my link but you can go direct to .

Earn 5% of what your referrals make and 1% of everything that people who they introduce make.

I ring the 0845 number that it provides and just let the radio play for up to 59 minutes. I set an alarm on my phone to go back and re-dial before that time. Really simple and let's face it, the only people that ever ring my landline are cold callers so I don't need to worry about my line being engaged.

Cash4minutes also offer an SMS side to the site too. You simply send the day and your age to the mobile numbers they give and you are credited for these. You can send 20 texts to each number with a combined amount of approximately 150 texts per day.

 You can cash out at £5 so I'll update how quick that is when I get there. (Probably be tomorrow!)

****Please do check your own individual landline and/or mobile to make sure you won't be paying to do it. ****

Car insurance

I used to pay this monthly by direct debit but I've now got to the stage in my life where I can pay the entire amount in one great big lump. I have a 'car' savings account so I put money into that each month so that it's not a huge shock.

Shop around too and don't be afraid to ring up your current provider and see if they'll offer you a better deal.

(I am slightly limited with my car as it is modified but you can also go through cashback sites when buying online.)


It's amazing how much can be saved by just thinking ahead and not relying on take-aways to provide your meal for you. If we do have a take-away, we will do it "family-style" and order a mixture of items so that everyone can have a bit. A Chinese take-away is a firm favourite among my family and friends on a Saturday evening so if you ever plan on visiting us at a weekend, bring your chopsticks.

Make take-aways a treat and not a regular thing.

Use coupons, discount codes and loyalty cards

Whether shopping instore or online, see if you can get it cheaper. I happily cut coupons out or print them off the Internet and use when doing my grocery shopping. Think of the value on that piece of paper as actual money.

Loyalty cards are there to be used. Grab one for the stores that you visit and make sure that you have them with you when you visit them so that your points can be added onto them. I regularly have good mailings from my Tesco Clubcard and happily build up my Boots Advantage card with points too. 

Consider a second job

I'd love blogging to become full time but that's highly unlikely to ever happen. Also, my hobby of entering competitions and winning things isn't a reliable way of being able to pay my bills. I'm not sure I could pay my mortgage with some recent wins of a bright orange anorak.

I therefore looked into options that I could do around my family and current work commitments. I decided to become a Phoenix Trader . I did look at other work from home options such as Usborne books and Avon but this one suited me more. I'm definitely someone that feels right at home with stationery and I liked that it was quality greeting cards so there was always going to be a need for the product throughout the year.  (I am registered as self-employed and complete my tax return each year so don't forget to browse the HMRC website or ring if you have any queries relating to a second income.)

Make the most of your spare time

If you read my post Ever wanted to earn money sitting at home on the computer? then you'll know that I try not to let a minute of my spare time be wasted. Definitely worth a read.

Try avoiding the washing up and making your money work harder.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Giant cookie recipe

To celebrate reaching 12000 views today, we made a giant chocolate chip cookie.

I love baking with The Sweetpeas especially Alyssa as she likes to do as much as she can by herself with me just watching her.

"I'll just go wash my hands and then I'll get cracking" ~ Alyssa


225g butter
325g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs
280g plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
100g chocolate chips

1. Cream together the butter,sugar and vanilla essence until light and fluffy.

2 Add in one egg and beat. Add in the other and beat again.

3. Add in the flour,salt and baking powder and whisk up again until combined.

4. Stir in the chocolate chips.

5. Line a pizza baking tray with greaseproof paper.

6. Dollop (I love that word!) the dough mixture into the pan and push out to the edges to form a large cookie.

7. Bake at 190C for about 20 minutes.

8. Take out and allow to cool in the tray.

9. Now for the fun bit of decorating. (As you can see, Chunky decided to help for this bit.)

I let The Sweetpeas decorate it with whatever goodies they could find in the cupboards. I melted some white chocolate and they used this to stick on mini marshmallows and some flying saucers.

They were going to write 12000 but we had to settle for 12K.

10. Eat it as it's pointless leaving these things around the house.

"Mummy, when you cook chocolate chips it goes all melty. That's the best bit." ~ Harvey

After a comment, I realised that I hadn't even written about how it tasted! It's absolutely gorgeous. You can easily cut it into slices or chunks. It's a kind of moist, chewy consistency with a little crunch to the outside. I was worried that it wouldn't cook evenly but every slice is superb.



I just wanted to write a quick post to mark my 12,000th page view. I initially started my blog just to record the things that we got up to as a family and never really thought anyone would interact with it or bother to look. How wrong was I?!

The blogging community has been really friendly and offered lots of advice and I particularly want to say thank you to the fabulous Claire over at as not once has she ever not responded to my requests of help.

How else do you usually mark a celebration? With a cake of course! I shall update later with a post of some kind of bakery that The Sweetpeas will do this evening.

(This is how my face looked when I saw my page view total. I would have recreated the photograph but I'm afraid I don't have a box big enough. Maybe one day.)

My first car

I desperately wanted a Fiesta XR2i as my first car. A white one with blue detailing. I wanted something sporty and fun that was going to showcase my impeccable driving capabilities and be the envy of all my friends. My brother is older than me and him and all of his friends were always on the look out for an ideal first car for me for when I finally passed my driving test. My dad was adamant that I needed a car that I could have some L plates on to get a bit of practice.

Suddenly, out of the blue, one of my brother's friends appeared at our house and mentioned that he'd seen an ideal car in the car park at Halfords and that we should go and have a look. I was so excited! I was finally going to get my little sporty Fiesta.

We arrived, I scanned the car park looking for that shining, magnificent vision of a car, my Fiesta XR2i. 

I saw the for sale sign in the window. In the window of a Nova. A breeze blue Nova.

Now I don't want to sound ungrateful as I wasn't at all. It's just my brother had a Nova.

 He'd even had a blue Nova before too. I didn't want to try and follow in his footsteps. I'd heard the swearwords that had come out of his mouth when he was modifying it and I'd push started it on cold mornings. 

But... I had heard all the good things about Novas too. How easy they were to look after, they were economical and how they were the car to own in my area.

Could I really be an Nova owner too?

We trudged into Halfords and found that the owner of the car worked there. My parents exchanged numbers with him and arranged a viewing where my dad and brother could check it over to make sure it was suitable. We left empty handed and that was it. I'd put it out of my mind.

I used to help out at a local Brownie pack when I was younger and my mum used to collect me when it was over. I remember her and my brother both appearing which was very peculiar. As we walked round the corner, there it was. MY Nova. That was the point I fell in love with him. It wasn't love at first sight but at second sight I suppose. 

It was 28th May 2002 at 5pm. That's the moment when I officially gained my freedom albeit with L plates and a driver beside me for now. It was also the time that my parents had to part with £850 for that little H reg Vauxhall Nova Flair.

We managed to find this Polaroid of Norris later on that year looking pretty much how he did when I bought him.

How I adored him just as he was but sometimes he went off with my brother to work and would return with a new headunit or some alloy wheels as a thank you gesture. That very same Kenwood headunit is still going strong after all these years.

I remember going back to Halfords and buying a flashing gearknob for Norris too. It was all the rage in those days to have modifications to your car of some kind. He didn't have too much as my brother had done all that already and like I said earlier, I didn't want to be exactly the same now did I?

You'll notice too my anodised finished pedals and Ripspeed car mats. Oh yes, you couldn't be a Nova owner in those days without them!

Driving around in my Nova was the highlight of my evenings. I used to love how nippy he was and how economical. I loved his reliability and the fact that if he did ever breakdown, he was usually very easy to fix and I'd be back on the road again. (I do remember having a bit of a meltdown when no one would listen when I said something was wrong after driving him to work. He started to splutter and mess around after about 15 miles into my journey and leave me in tears. He was eventually fixed though as I just couldn't part with him. That's true love right there.)

I was often designated driver whenever my friends and I ventured places. I didn't mind at all. I loved driving him. My Grandma had bought me the AA roadmap and I had the intention of using as many pages of it as I possibly could. I used to always keep it with me along with my roadside kit comprising of jump leads and a warning triangle. I'd love to show you a photograph of that too but I'm afraid someone stole it.

I know! Disgusting isn't it. Someone stole my roadside kit and my CDs from Norris. If they had really wanted my Fleetwood Mac and Greatest Hits of The BeeGees all that had to do was ask. I felt violated when I'd gone to my car that morning and seen the door ajar. They'd tampered with the lock and then also the ignition barrel. Thank goodness they didn't manage to steal the entire car as I would have been utterly devastated. That was the point that I then ended up with 3 keys on my keyring for my car. One for the boot and passenger side, one for the driver's door and one for the ignition. Oh yes, no fancy electronic unlocking devices for my car! 

So that was my 1st car. Norris the Nova. He started my obsession with cars which you'll see me mention in my blog.

I bet you think that's the end of the story. Well it's not. I'll let you in on the fact that I could never part with him. I still own him. Yes he's been SORNed and yes I know he will never be driven on the road again but one day (soon I hope as I keep saying it)  he will be upcycled into something.  The engine would make a fantastic coffee table base, the front half could make an interesting barbecue and if nothing else, I could use the doors as a great exercise routine. You've got to remember the "keep fit" windows where you would wind and wind and wind to open or close the windows. 

Those were the days and Norris is the reason that my username is novagirl on many sites. 

I wanted to show you how much of an impact that little H reg Nova had on my friends at the time too so here are a few quotes after I put up a little request on my Facebook page.

Lisa ~ "He ferried me about on many an occasion, including to the seaside (where I think we text radio one to play mmmbop?!), McDonald's where we sat in the car park eating burgers ... and to Tesco Hampton for a midnight muffin mission. *salutes Norris*"

Norris has definitely been the reason I have such fond memories of my late teenage years and early twenties. As my dear friend Lisa says, Norris, I salute you. 

This is my entry into the insurance revolution competition. Blog about your first car and you may scoop the prize of a Head to Head driving experience at Silverstone and a voucher to the value of £100 for Park Inn by Radisson hotels.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Just doing a little bit of work to my blog! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Smitten with mittens

As you can see in some of the posts that I have written recently, Harvey was smitten with his shark mittens.

The Sweetpeas had been given some hat and glove sets from Elfy in the run up to Christmas.Harvey was instantly in love with his and wore them all the time.

Unfortunately,he lost them. He was devastated. We checked around his peg at school, we looked in lost property and we even retraced our steps on the way home from school. The shark mittens had obviously swam away.

I managed to locate that Elfy may have purchased the hat and mitten sent from Wilko so I headed to their Twitter page,( ) to see if they could source some more which I could purchase for him.

What happened next was amazing.

These arrived in the post today and I can't wait for Harvey to see them when I pick him up from school later. First job though is to create a woolen chain to them so it can be threaded to his coat to try and avoid these ever swimming away again.

Thank you so much Wilko

Absolutely superb customer service and a huge hooray to Wilko. I think customers are very keen to complain yet don't always shout about the fantastic things that companies do on a day to day basis. Let's put a change to that. When was the last time you experienced some great customer service?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ever wanted to earn money sitting at home on the computer?

No I don't mean that folding you laptop screen down and sitting on the top is going to make you cash. If anything, that's just going to break the glass and who wants that? I should have perhaps written "at the computer" that makes much more sense but I digress....

A couple of friends and I did a little experiment last year to see if we could get our Christmas for free. We wanted to try out different sites and see which were worth it in terms of effort and payout.

You've all heard of the "get rich quick" schemes right? Well, ours is the "plod along and it'll work" scheme. Every day we do a few clicks here and there on different sites which all add up to one marvellous Christmas. It really can be achieved. I'm talking about buying presents, sorting out the giftwrap and cards and even purchasing your turkey and all the trimmings just buy doing a few clicks daily.

I'm going to give you a run down of each site so let's start now with SWAGBUCKS

This is a very simple site to use. The routine I do each day is to click on the Daily Poll and answer it. This can be found on the left hand side under the To Do List heading. Earnt so far, 1SB.

SB stands for Swagbucks and is the points system on that site. I collect Amazon vouchers which currently cost 849SB for a £5 Amazon e-voucher.

Next in the routine is NOSO. This is also found on the To Do List. Click it and then go to start earning now and then just keep pressing "submit and continue to next offer" until you get to the captcha page. Pop that in and that's another 2SB earnt.

Games on Swagbucks can also be played each day. You can only earn a maximum of 10SB each day playing them so once they are earnt, carry on to the next task.

This routine for Swagbucks takes about the same time for a kettle to boil. Easy hey?

If I have any more time in the evenings when The Sweetpeas are in bed, I then get started with some surveys. These can be found in the Answer tab along the top of the homepage. Just click it and then press on Surveys in the drop down box. You may get disqualified from some of the surveys but the ones that you do complete can be worth quite a few SBs.

You can also click on search at the top of the homepage. This is simply a normal search engine but every now and again a banner will appear giving you some extra SBs. You just pop in the captcha code and the SBs are instantly added to your account. These can be quite lucrative with them ranging from just a few right up to over 40SBs in one go.

Swagbucks targets

Lots of people try to aim for the target that Swagbucks sets each day. This can be found on the top left hand side of the homepage. If you complete the target for that day you will get the corresponding bonus swagbucks applied to your account the following month.

So if you look at my screenshot below, you can see that I'm currently on 69 Swagbucks earnt and my 2nd goal for the day is 78. If I now reach 78, next month I will earn a bonus of 7SBs just from today.

(If you look at the top right, you can see that my current balance is 946SB. I like to cash out as I go along so I will redeem tomorrow and give you a guide of how to do that.)

You can also earn extra swagbucks by trying to complete a streak of these daily targets. There is one for 7days, 14days, 21 days and the entire month. (You only need to reach the first target each day for it to count towards these longer streaks.)

So that's Swagbucks. Plod along and earn some of these fabulous rewards.

Referral system

Swagbucks offers a fantastic referral system too. If you click on Refer Friends at the top your own referral link will appear which you can give to your friends when they want to sign up too. (Trust me, they will when they see what can be achieved!) The benefit for helping your friends out with the site is that you will earn 10% of whatever they make on there. This is at no cost to the amount of swagbucks they make, it's just extra for you. What I'm trying to say is, that no-one loses out by going through a referral link and it simply helps out the person whose link you use. This is mine.

I wish you all the very best with your Swagbucks journey. If you have any questions, then please leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you.

Now, who is ready for the next site?

Let's get muddy

This is what greeted me this afternoon after Harvey just saying he was going to "nip outside to play".

"Alyssa made me get muddy."

I suppose, when in doubt, you blame your sister.

It's not the first time ..

...and I'm sure it won't be the last.

He should permanently be clothed in overalls and wellies.

Good luck washing machine. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Rosie is for life and not just for Christmas

Dedicated to Rosie

The Sweetpeas absolutely love dogs even though we don't have one of our own. If you remember reading my post the other day about Sue , the black labrador and also the random photos that I post up every now again on Instagram that they take of the dogs that live with our family.

This one is of Traffic, my brother's dog officially but he's so lovely that everyone wants to say he's their dog. He didn't start life out with us but he eventually found his way into our family and he's now certainly not going anywhere.

We were also trawling through some scrapbooks the other day and came across this photo of my brother and Tiny. My parents had Tiny right from a puppy and she was an absolutely gorgeous dog. She certainly wasn't just for Christmas.

Anyway, back to why " A Rosie is for life and not just for Christmas"

Rosie is a Basset Hound and is utterly adorable. She's my friend's dog and we get regular updates about what she's been doing via photographs and some little captions. Alyssa thoroughly enjoys reading and looking at them. When my friend sent over a video for Alyssa to take a look at too, well, Alyssa had to watch it immediately even though it was nearly bedtime.

She was delighted at watching her run about and particularly liked how she interacts with their cat too.

Take a peek at the film and you'll see what I mean. (Video was made by my friend's son for a University project. ) is the link

I particularly like this photograph of Alyssa as you can see how she is transfixed with wonder.

Thank you very much to the SunnyBerry family as Alyssa calls them for allowing us to enjoy Rosie's life too. Rosie has most certainly got a home for life and not just for Christmas.

Here's a photograph of the card that Alyssa found on my Phoenix Trading page which she sent to her after she had an operation. I love how it is still proudly displayed on their fridge.

A Rosie is for life and not just for Christmas.