Monday, 12 January 2015

After school baking

The Sweetpeas have a hot school dinner so in the evenings they tend to just have some sandwiches. These means that ,on the days that I'm not at work, we have a little bit more time to do something fun together.

Tonight they decided on a bit of baking.

Harvey and I threw together a rough sponge cake mix using the ingredients that I had in my kitchen.

Alyssa set to work lining some tins with greaseproof paper.

I was really glad they decided they would like their cakes to be different colours. Those gel food colourings had been jumping out of the cupboards at me for months!

I really must have a good sort out in my kitchen cupboards.

After a quick lick of the spoon...

... the cakes were in the tins ready for baking.

The cakes were very yummy and it was great fun doing a little activity together straight after school.

"Purple cakes are deeeeeeeeee.......licious!" ~ Alyssa

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