Saturday, 24 January 2015

Glasses Direct

I've had to wear glasses since I learnt to drive and needed to be able to read number plates at the required distance.

I then became lazy and started to wear them all the time thinking that I would be prepared if I even needed to see that long distance range in a hurry.  It's now got to the point where I need to wear them all the time.

I'd been and had my eyes testing in October and bought some new frames. I wasn't completely happy with them at the time as the only ones I could find were in the children's section. I'd been back to the opticians to alter how they felt on me as they were obviously too small for me.

When I saw a code posted on MoneySavingExpert offering a discount of £36 on some new glasses from Glasses Direct I popped over to have a browse.
The choice in frames was phenomenal. I liked that I could shop by shape of frame or price range.

You can have a free 7 day home trial too so that you can choose up to 4 frames at a time to see if they'll suit you.

I chose 2 frames as if I bought one pair over £55 I could get another pair free. Once I was happy, I added these to my basket and moved into the checkout process.

In the end I chose one set that £75 and one that were £55. I added some scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating to the cheaper pair at an additional cost of £12.

You get budget lens package with your frames so this is just a standard uncoated lens. You can then upgrade your frames to include such things as anti-reflection, scratch-resistant or making the lens thinner.

In the end I paid £54.95 which was for 2 sets of glasses and also included the delivery at £3.95. I thought this was a great price seeing as I usually spend about £100 for my usual frames where the choice is extremely limited.


It was really simple to input my prescription into the website. (They do have a little help sheet online too to guide you through it.) As I mentioned before, I had my eyes tested in October and had requested my prescription from my Opticians. Your prescription must not be older than 2 years to be able to use Glasses Direct.


They were delivered early this morning via Royal Mail, even before my children had woken up.

"How did you get new glasses in the night?!" ~ Harvey

They arrived in just a normal jiffybag emblazoned with Glasses . Each pair of glasses had their own case and also a cleaning cloth in with them.

I will need to adjust them ever so slightly as they are a little too big but the website even offers help with this too via a couple of Youtube videos. (Shall be giving that a try when The Sweetpeas are asleep as don't want them thinking that is how you treat your things!)

I am really impressed with the speed of delivery and the communication throughout the whole process. Quality frames, lens and a great price. I won't hesistate in using them again in the future and will continue to do so until I do more research about laser eye surgery.

Feel free to use my name "Emily Shepperson" when placing your first order to get £30 off frames over £55. I will receive £15 Amazon vouchers up to 6 months from today.


  1. Oooh that's a pain - I've not long had my new glasses :(
    And yes - I am having a read of your blogs hahaha xx

  2. WOW handy for when I need new glasses !