Friday, 16 January 2015

How to fix a Youview remote when stuck in TV mode

I have youview through BT as I like to be able to record the programmes that I would normally miss due to bath times and reading The Sweetpeas a bedtime story. Recently though I've sat down to watch them and then turned the television on to be greeted with CBeebies. Usually I'd press the blue y button and go from there but it's been stuck in TV mode.

I did a quick Google search and people were suggesting new batteries. Tried that already and it didn't work. They also suggested the good old trick of turning the box on and off again.

In the end, I found the answer on the BT website .Simply press the TV and red button together for 5 seconds. The TV and PVR button then flash a few times and the remote is good to go again.

This reminded me of the post I wrote about how I sometimes wished The Sweetpeas came with their own remote control .


  1. I record some children's TV every day thanks to a certain young man. I have no idea how to stop it but I am sure he will show me when he has got enough episodes lol

    1. He will never have enough episodes! He records anything and everything that he likes the look of hehe