Friday, 16 January 2015

Socks will take over the world

Dramatic headline I know but I think it can happen.

Let me explain.

I'm sat in my living room just doing a bit of paperwork when I hear water running. Head off into the kitchen to see if I've left the tap on and instantly start paddling in my own private pool. (This is not the first time that I've experienced this if you read my post here. )

The tap wasn't running but a sock had been jammed in the washing machine door so the seal hasn't fixed in place correctly. Now I know you are probably thinking that it is my error completely but I'm sure it must have been down to the sock attempting to try and flood my lovely home.

I also don't like how socks never seem to match up. In fact, I'm not sure I even own an actual pair of socks any more. It's quite well known among my friends that I have odd socks and this was even reflected in a Christmas present. I think this is the way forward personally as it will half their power in taking over if they don't have a matching friend working in partnership.

They can be bought from Amazon for around the £10-£15 price range. They are called Foot Kandy by United Oddsocks. A pack of 6 that will fit size 4-8, they arrive in a takeaway container with a paper sleeve. I absolutely love the quirky designs and think they'd make a great present for anyone that also never has matching socks. Now you can say it is absolutely deliberate.

So there we have it. Socks are working against us and taking over the world or I'm simply just annoyed at myself for not putting in my washing correctly in the machine. Possibly the latter.


  1. I love your odd socks, I love the fact you were them and shall carry to encourage you to do so!!