Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tomboy to girly girl ~ BlondePinUpDresses

I'm usually one for a pair of jeans, hoody and some trainers but on the odd occasion when I get an invite to something special, I will make an effort. Out will come a dress and some heels.

I was extremely lucky to win a beautiful dress from blondepinupdresses  on Facebook. It was a gorgeous cobalt blue with a striking white bow on the front.

So far I have worn it to my friends' wedding and also to my work's Christmas party. I like the length to it and the 1950s style.

This is all find I'm sure but I bet you want to know what it actually looks like.

Click here and see on the Facebook page

I may also attempt to find some photos of me wearing it but trying to find any photographs of me is often an impossible task.

I cannot recommend the page enough and I'm now eying up a gorgeous red polka dot dress on there.

I may not be blonde, I may not be a pin up, but I do love BlondePinUpDresses.

(This blog post was written by myself. It was by no means a condition of me winning the prize.)

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