Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dyson DC59 digital slim vacuum cleaner

I've had my Dyson DC59 digital slim for a good while now so I thought I'd review it.

No cord

I really didn't think it would make much difference having no cord but how wrong was I?!  It's amazing how much time I must save by just being able to quickly nip and pick up my Dyson and vacuum. I don't have to worry about plugging in the cleaner and then trying to clean the entire room. My house isn't huge by any means but I would have to unplug it at least 5 times if I wanted to clean the entire floor in all rooms.

As there is no cord, I can easily clean my car. (Now there is no excuse for allowing my car to resemble a skip.)


It's not very noisy at all and is much quieter than my upright cleaner.


Superb! It really does pick up incredibly well and I was even impressed at how it work on rugs that had much longer fibres.

There is a boost button which you simply press and a blue ring illuminates. This increases the suction but also rapidly reduces the charge held in the battery. I don't use this much at all as the usual suction is ample for my home.


I managed to get my Dyson for £100 as I held a Dyson party through Come Round . (They give you a chance to test and review products and services.) Normally, these retail between £300 and £350. I would happily pay that amount for a Dyson DC59 digital slim too.

Emptying the container

The container isn't huge and I feel it is designed for doing short bursts of daily cleaning so that you don't have to keep emptying it.

It is very simple to empty. You just click down the red tab and the bottom flips open. If you want to get the whole compartment open, just press the red tab twice and then you have to slightly tilt and wriggle out the container.This is that part that I sometimes struggle with as I can then accidentally press the trigger and the motor starts up again. I feel this is the only flaw I can find and that's possibly more my fault that the actual machine.


I love that it comes with the long pole, the traditional head, 2 smaller heads and a smaller crevice tool. I am able to clean my entire home including sucking up those cobwebs from the corners without having to stand on something to reach up that far.

Docking station

It comes with a docking station so that you can simply click the Dyson into place and have it charger whilst it is on the wall. I've never put this up and don't think I will as there is nowhere appropriate in my home. The cleaner would stick out too far from the wall for me. You don't actually need the docking part as the charger can plug in directly to the motor.

The best bit... children actually want to vacuum. They quickly pick up their toys from the floor so that they can have a go. They love being able to operate it as it is so light and easy to manoeuvre. The only problem I now have is that I have just one Dyson digital slim.