Friday, 13 February 2015


The Sweetpeas understand that I have to work in order for us to be able to have food on the table, get new clothes and buy toys. I want them to be able to see that money doesn't grow on trees and that a job will be needed one day.

"I'm going to be a pilot" ~ Harvey

A great choice from Harvey even though he has never been on a plane. He likes the look of them and that's enough for him to have made up his mind.

Picture the scene. An airport, thousands of people, suitcases everywhere and then along comes hurtling a blonde haired man, sitting on a trolley being pushed by the cabin crew. He may well be the only captain of a plane that will insist on wearing his smart uniform's trousers half-way down his bottom. (Seriously, when will he grow out of actively pulling his trousers down so that they hang around his hips? )

Other than her intention of being The Queen one day, Alyssa has the idea of being a bank cashier. Like me. I'm sure she could do my job now even at the age of 7 as she loves maths and can operate a computer. I'd love to take her to work with me one day just to see how well she would cope. I fear though that they may sack this Mummy and employ the younger model!

Personally, I'm looking forward to retirement. Growing up and getting a job sounded so much more fun when I was at school. Mind you, I do like stamping. This was the reason I work where I do.

 Honestly! It's the stamping. 

I remember going to visit my aunt in the bank and loving how they all wore smart uniforms with their names on them. They had loads of different stamps with ink pads and it would make that really loud "Clunk Clunk" noise. It was amazing!

Unfortunately we don't have many different stamps like we did when I first started. Things change and new technology is brought in like with any job I suppose. It may well be the case that when The Sweetpeas are leaving school they will have "flying car technician" and "holiday representative on Mars" as some of their options.

Harvey may not be a pilot and perhaps will be just controlling a pilot-less plane via remote control. Now there's a worrying thought.

The future is uncertain in terms of a role but it is definite that they will have a job. Even if I won the lotto, I'd make sure they understood that they needed to contribute to society by having a job. There are some amazing people in this world and I'm very fortunate in that I get to talk to them during the day. Let me give you a few examples.

CARERS ~ Wow! I have enough problems dressing myself some morning and coping with my own moods let alone being there to help people with additional needs or the elderly that rely on you. I applaud you. I did one day of work experience in a care home when I was younger and it was physically and mentally exhausting.

BUILDERS/CARPENTERS/ELECTRICIANS/PLUMBERS ~ You know the people. The ones that have that skill of being able to fix things or build items out of a pile of materials. I struggle building a castle for The Sweetpeas out of Lego so I'd be no use building a house.

STAY AT HOME PARENTS ~ Yes, I'm classing that as a job. It's unpaid and some days it's torture. I couldn't do it all the time and I can often be heard saying I go to work for a rest. It's the constant worry of making sure your children have got the right items for school with them, getting them to school, standing around in playgrounds and still trying to get all your household daily chores completed.

TEACHERS ~ The patience they must have is incredible. If I was a teacher, the whole class would be snuggled on that naughty step by break-time. I'd possibly be rocking in the corner. The Sweetpeas are enough for me to deal with let alone 27 other children to contend with during the day.

My ideal job would be a cake tester so Mr Kipling, if you are reading this, please contact me if you have a vacancy coming up.  I like to think that I'm also working towards building up an "Exceeding Good" Blog.

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